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15 Ton Busbar Powered Transfer Cart For Cambodia

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Introduction of Rail Transfer Trolley

In order to realize the power supply of the busbar, the first step is to install the sliding contact line in the middle of the rails or by the outside of the rails, or it can be installed in the trench, or under the roof of the plant. Power is supplied to rail transfer cart through sliding contact line. Then, through the sliding knife on the transfer cart, the 380V AC power into the electronic control system continues to supply power to the traction motor, prompting the electric transfer trolley to start, move forward, retreat, and stop.

We have upgraded the BHX series busbar transfer carts through research and development. Considering the safety and convenience issues, we have added a cover plate to the trench. Through the automatic flap device, the power supply in the gutter into rail transfer trolley. The operating system is a low-voltage 36V power supply control.

Project Cases

A customer in Cambodia ordered 15 ton busbar powered transfer cart for factory handling of heavyweight molds. The customer has clear tonnage requirements and requires the installation of a V-frame to ensure that the materials will not roll or slip during transportation. Based on the dimensions provided by the customer, we recommended this busbar powered transfer trolley, which does not require high rail laying requirements and is more economical.

The sturdy body frame improves material handling efficiency, and the addition of the V-frame allows for versatile transportation. So far, our customers are very satisfied with our customized heavy duty transfer carts and warm service. They are interested in ordering several more transfer carts and want to cooperate with us for a long time.

Customization Options

  • Load capacity, table size, and rail inner distance
  • Seamed safety sliding contact line, seamless safety sliding contact line
  • Automatic stopping device
  • Vehicle-mounted operation, fixed point operation, radio remote control, etc.
  • An automatic flip-up power supply is needed in trench, above-ground power supply, etc.
  • Hydraulic lifting device, rollover device, roller device

Technical Parameters of Die Transfer Trolley

  • Model: BHX-15T
  • Table Size: 4000*2000*550mm
  • Custom load capacity: 15 ton
  • Auxiliary Device: V-frame

ModelBHX-10tBHX-20t BHX-30t BHX-40t BHX-50t BHX-100t BHX-150t
Length( L)36004000450050005500650010000
Height( H)5005506006506508501200
Wheel Base(mm)2600280032003800420049007000
Ground Clearance(mm)50505050507575
Running Speed(m/min)25202020202018
Motor Power(Kw)1.52.545.55.51115
Max Wheel Load(KN)42.677.7110.4142.8174343.8265.2
Reference Weight(t)

Feature of Transporter Trolley

  • Strong load capacity: 2-1,500 tons(customized)
  • Low requirements for rail laying
  • Suitable for high-frequency occasions and can be used in high-temperature
  • Simple structure, low table, easy to operate
  • Adjustable speed: 0-30m/min
  • Low noise, energy saving, and environmental protection
  • Unlimited running distance
  • Intelligent control system: Button control/remote control

Material Handling Solution

  • The load-bearing safety coefficient of transfer trolley is not less than 120%
  • Free design of auxiliary equipment or basic drawings, and provision of technical services and drawing materials
  • 16-hour engineering service + 24-hour Internet service
  • Quality issues are resolved within 24 hours
  • During the warranty period, we can provide you with maintenance technical support or replace relevant parts within 24 hours
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