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5 Ton Lifting Trackless Transfer Cart For Metal Containers

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Technical Specification of Trackless Transfer Cart For Metal Containers

  • Model: BWP
  • Load Capacity: Customized 5 Ton
  • Table size: 3000*1500*650mm
  • Power supply: Battery power
  • Transfer trolley design: Trackless design
  • Custom functions: Hydraulic lifting system
  • Control system: Remote control
  • Safety features: Emergency stop button, alarm lamp, anti-collision system, etc.

5 Ton Lifting Trackless Transfer Cart
5 Ton Lifting Trackless Transfer Cart

Key Features

  • Heavy capacity: 5 tons
  • Table design: 3000*1500*650mm
  • Lifting design: Efficient loading and unloading operations.
  • Precision control: Precise movement and positioning, enhancing operational accuracy and safety.
  • Automated lifting: The cart is designed to lift metal containers effortlessly, allowing for automated loading and unloading.
  • Safety features: Collision avoidance systems and emergency stop mechanisms, prioritize worker safety and prevent accidents in the workplace.

Material Handling Solutions

5T trackless transport cart performs a series of tasks precisely and efficiently. By remote control, the cart drives to a designated location, positions itself under the metal container and safely lifts the metal container. It then uses an automated navigation system to move around the facility and transport the loaded container to its designated destination. Upon arrival at the destination, the cart lowers the table, unloads the container and proceeds to the next task or workstation.

To learn more specifications on custom trackless transfer carts, please click this article on Transfer Cart On Wheels.

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