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Explosion Proof Battery Powered Transfer Cart 30 Ton

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Custom Explosion Proof Motorized Transfer Cart

  • Material transfer cart supplier from China: PERFECT
  • Custom load capacity: 30 Ton
  • Table size: 5000x3000x700 cm
  • Custom power supply: Battery powered
  • Transfer trolley design: Trackless
  • Running speed: 20 m/min
  • Charger function: Automatic charging
  • What material was used to transport: Silicone raw materials
  • Control system: Button control and remote control
  • Functional customization: Explosion-proof occasion and fixed-point stop
  • Safety features: Emergency stop button and alarm lamp, radar control, anti-collision system

Explosion Proof Battery Powered Transfer Cart Case
Explosion Proof Battery Powered Transfer Cart Case

What is Explosion Proof Transfer Cart

Explosion proof transfer cart is commonly used in refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and other hazardous locations where flammable gases, vapors and dust may be present, and are designed to safely transport materials, components and cargo in potentially explosive environments. These carts are built with materials and components designed to withstand and contain explosions, preventing sparks or flames from igniting surrounding flammable materials.

Key Features of Explosion Proof Transfer Cart

Explosion proof parts: These carts are made of flammable and explosive components to prevent ignition of surrounding flammable substances.

Battery powered customized: These carts are usually powered by rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for external power sources and reducing the risk of sparks or electrical arcing.

Control systems: Transfer carts often have advanced control systems that allow for precise movement and operation in hazardous environments. These systems may include wireless remote control capabilities for increased safety.

Heavy duty design: The carts are built to handle heavy loads and withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

Safety features: Explosion-proof transfer carts are equipped with various safety features such as emergency stop buttons, alarms, and warning lights to alert operators of potential hazards.

Compliance with regulations: These carts are designed and manufactured in compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations, ensuring their suitability for use in hazardous locations.

Project cases

The client is an industry that produces silicone. Calculated in terms of polysiloxane production capacity, the company ranks among the top ten in the world and fourth in China in the silicone industry.


This transfer trolley is responsible for the transportation of organic silicon raw materials.

Material Handling Solution

Transfer trolley is battery-powered, and it has the advantage that it can be transported anywhere in the factory, forward and backward, turn while walking, and rotate 360 degrees on the spot. The parts of the trolley are explosion-proof and can be used in flammable and explosive workshops. This trolley adopts a wired handle and wireless remote control operation mode, load capacity: 30 tons, table size: 5000x3000x700 cm, so far customer feedback has been good.

For more types of material transfer trolleys from Perfect, you can also read another article about Industrial Transfer Carts For Material Handling.

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