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Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart

Feature of Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart

Model: BWP
Power supply: Battery
Capacity load: 1 up to 500 tons customized
Table size: Can be customized
Running speed: 0-30m/min
Charger function: Automatic charging
Battery maintenance: Free of maintenance
Brake principle: Electric magnetic brake
Turning type: Turing while driving with no stop
Radar control: 3-0.3m Automatic stop for people and obstacles

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What is Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart

Steel coil trackless transfer cart with battery power is used to move big coils throughout a warehouse or manufacturing plant. A trackless transfer cart travels without a fixed track or rail system, unlike conventional material handling equipment like forklifts and overhead cranes. At Perfect, your table size and weight of the coils can be tailored to unique material handling needs when you order your coil transfer cart, which is designed with V-frames and U-frames to support heavy loads. Coil trackless transfer carts move in a variety of directions, including forward, backward, left, and right, making them extremely versatile for negotiating confined spaces in industrial environments. To avoid collisions and safeguard the safety of nearby workers, trackless transfer carts frequently include safety measures like sensors and alarms. 3–0.3 m is the control distance for the radar. Different from trackless transfer carts, Perfect also has another transfer cart for heavy duty handling with rail, for more types and parameters, you can also read another article about Transfer Cart On Rail.

How Does Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart Work

Video of Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart in Steel Plant

Advantages of Coil Trackless Transfer Cart

  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy loads up to 500t
  • Small turning circle
  • Battery power is silent and sustainable
  • Mecanum wheels are sturdy and firm
  • Customized handling solutions based on experience
  • Button control and Remote control or PLC control optional

Parameters of Trackless Transfer Cart 

Rated Load(T)5101520304560
Table Size(mm)2500*15003000*20003200*20004000*20005000*22006000*24006000*2500
Wheel Quantity4688121212
On cement floor Tire Specification305*165559*254559*35622*9-1022*9-1022*10-1622*14-16
Tire MaterialPolyurethane WheelPolyurethane WheelPolyurethane WheelPolyurethane Solid WheelPolyurethane Solid WheelPolyurethane Solid WheelPolyurethane Wheel
Frame MaterialQ235Q235Q235Q235Q345Q345Q345

Coil Transfer Carts In Steel Plant

Coil transfer carts are generally used in steel factories to move various supplies and parts involved in the making of steel. For the factory to move huge cargo effectively, these carts are necessary. Coil transfer carts in steel mills can move a variety of goods, including the following: steel coils, raw materials, slabs, sheets, plates, or bars, scrap metal, molds and die, rolling mill rolls, ladles, and crucibles, finished coil handling; and ingot handling.

Other Type Coil Transfer Cart from Perfect

In industrial contexts, coils of various materials, including steel, aluminum, and paper, are frequently transported using coil transfer carts within a manufacturing plant. These carts are made to transport big coils effectively and securely. Except for battery coil trackless transfer carts, here are some other coil transfer carts from Perfect:

  • Busbar powered rail coil transfer cart: It runs on rails, gets power from a busbar system, and has safety features. It’s customizable for various load capacities and uses precise rail guidance for accuracy.
  • Battery powered rail coil transfer cart: It is equipped with rechargeable batteries running on the track, making it mobile and versatile.
  • Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) coil transfer cart: Rail-guided cart is made to follow a specified track or rail system. This kind of cart ensures consistent, exact movement, which is essential in applications where great accuracy is required.
  • Custom coil transfer carts: Perfect transfer carts manufacturer offer customization options to tailor the cart to the specific needs of the customer. This can include modifications to the cart’s size, load capacity, and additional features like lifting or turntable.

Consider your unique requirements, such as load capacity, running distance, size of coil, and operational environment, before choosing a coil transfer cart from Perfect or any other manufacturer. To ensure the cart satisfies your operational requirements while prioritizing safety, additional safety features and ease of maintenance should be considered.

Accessories Show of Battery Power Coil Trackless Transfer Cart


Welded by high-quality steel the material is Q235B, which has a heavy load capacity and long use time.

Electrical box

Protect performance is precise and dependable and safely stopped in an emergency.


Equipped with solid rubber mecanum wheels which are sturdy, and firm and do no damage to the ground.


a)  Equipped with free maintenance battery or lead acid battery.

b) When fully charged, it can operate continuously for 4 hours and only requires 6–8 hours to recharge. At 30% power, it will take 4 hours to fully recharge.

c) Battery can be charged 1200–1500 times, therefore its service life is 3–4 years with minimal use.

Scanning radar

Self-inspection function, using multl-erho technology, IP67 protection class.

Operation control

With a button and wireless control.

Accessories Of Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart

Coil Transfer Cart Factory

Coil Transfer Cart Factory from Perfect


What are the main benefits of trackless transfer carts for handling coils?

Trackless transfer carts from Perfect enable versatility and customizability, carry huge coil loads with V-frames and U-frames, allow for multi-directional mobility to navigate limited places, have safety features like sensors to prevent collisions and use radar systems for precise control.

Can I custom trackless transfer cart’s size and weight capacity?

Sure, Perfect can adjust the table size and weight capacity to meet your unique material handling needs.

How do trackless transfer carts improve workplace safety?

Trackless transfer carts increase safety by including sensors and collision mitigation tools. These safety precautions shield personnel and equipment from potential collisions and help to prevent accidents.

How far can radar systems be controlled?

On steel coil trackless transfer carts, the control distance for radar systems typically varies from 3 to 0.3 meters. This range guarantees precise control throughout operations, improving accuracy and safety.

Which sectors saw the most use of steel coil trackless transfer carts?

These transfer carts are used in a variety of fields, such as the production of steel, shipbuilding, automobile industry, heavy machinery, and any situation where the effective movement of large coils is necessary.

Are trackless transfer carts subject to any maintenance requirements?

Although trackless transfer carts are built to last and require little care, regular inspections and upkeep may still be required to guarantee optimal performance and lifetime.

How can I choose the right trackless transfer cart for my particular requirements?

Share variables like your coil dimensions, weight requirements, available space, and the particular safety features required for your industrial environment with Perfect sales team when choosing the best trackless transfer cart.

What potential financial benefits come with the use of trackless transfer carts?

By increasing the effectiveness of material handling procedures, decreasing downtime, and reducing incidents or accidents at work, trackless transfer cart use can result in cost savings.

Are trackless transfer carts suitable for outdoor use?


What is the typical battery life of a trackless transfer cart?

Battery life can vary depending on the cart’s usage and the capacity of the battery. Perfect often provides information on several battery life, You can choose a suitable one for you.

Do trackless transfer carts need a particular kind of flooring or surface to function properly?

Trackless Transfer carts can move around on a range of surfaces, including asphalt, concrete floors, and even rocky terrain. The chosen surface must, however, be capable of supporting the weight and load capacity of the cart.

Can automated material handling systems incorporate trackless transfer carts?

Trackless transfer carts are a flexible option for contemporary production and warehousing because they may be linked into automated systems utilizing a variety of control methods.

What is the lead time for ordering a customized trackless transfer cart?

Lead times can vary from 40 days to 60 days. It’s advisable to discuss lead times and delivery schedules when placing an order.

Are trackless transfer carts subject to any safety certifications or requirements?

Trackless transfer carts may need to meet particular safety requirements or certifications, depending on the sector and region. To ensure compliance, it is crucial to ask the manufacturer about these criteria.

Can extra safety features be installed onto trackless transfer carts?

Yes, many trackless transfer carts can be upgraded with extra safety elements in order to satisfy changing safety standards or particular workplace requirements.

Can trackless transfer carts be operated by remote control or automated systems?

Yes, trackless transfer carts can often be operated remotely or integrated into automated systems, allowing for efficient and precise control in various industrial applications.

Do trackless transfer carts from Perfect come with warranties?

Perfect provides two years warranty. During the warranty period, any quality problem, you can get repair for free. After the warranty period, you can get technology update requests and more favorable accessory prices.

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