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Trackless Transfer Cart

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Trackless transfer carts are material handling equipment that is designed to move heavy loads indoors or outdoors. It is also called steerable transfer cart, automatic transfer cart and omnidirectional transfer cart, and the maximum weight capacity of the trackless cart is 500 tons.

Three Custom Industrial Electric Trackless Transfer Cart

Industrial heavy load trackless transfer cart is composed of a power supply, transmission mechanism, steel structure load-bearing frame, steering system, walking mechanism, control module and fault diagnosis module.

Usually, we choose batteries, cables, and generators as the power supply of this series of vehicles. The power supply passes through the electrical control module system to provide power to the traction motor to realize the start, stop, forward, reverse, steering and other functions of the trackless transfer vehicle.

This series of cars can realize 360° rotation in situ. The car is equipped with safety warning and safety detection devices, which will immediately alarm and stop automatically when encountering pedestrians or obstacles, and is equipped with a fully automatic intelligent charger. The trackless transfer vehicle can also be equipped with positioning devices, clamping devices, lifting platforms, and other auxiliary devices to meet the needs of different platforms. This series of vehicles can be equipped with PLC control system to realize complete automatic control.

Power Source Of the Trackless Transfer Cart

The power source of a trackless transfer cart can vary depending on the specific design and application of the cart.

Electric transfer cart: The transfer vehicle needs to be powered by an onboard generator or an external power source.
Battery powered transfer cart: Powered by the on-board rechargeable battery, it is more flexible and convenient.
Unpowered trackless transfer cart: There is no power supply, and it needs to be pulled by a tractor or manpower, and the cost is low.

Flatbed transfer cart
Steerable transfer cart
Industrial transfer cart
Automatic transfer cart

Trackless Transfer Carts Control System

Trackless transfer carts usually use various control systems depending on their application and specific requirements. The most important control system is the PLC control system, which is a set of computer-based control systems designed to realize industrial process automation. Trackless transfer carts’ PLC control system is programmed to control the movement, speed and direction of the transfer cart. In addition to this, the PLC can monitor sensors and input devices to ensure that Trackless transfer carts operate safely and efficiently.

In addition to the PLC, the trackless transfer trolley can be combined with the PLC with control systems such as radio remote control, pendant control or automatic guidance system, providing the operator with additional functionality and flexibility.

Trackless Transfer Carts Safety Features

  1. Stopping devices when encountering people, can effectively protect the personal safety of staff
  2. The limit device can effectively prevent the end of the electric flat car from the derailment
  3. Sound and light alarm devices can remind the site personnel to pay attention to safety
  4. Anti-collision buffer device helps to buffer in an emergency, effectively avoiding damage to the car body
  5. An emergency stop button can help stop the flat car in an emergency.
  6. The control box is equipped with an emergency stop button and a power switch.
  7. The whole electrical control system is also equipped with power distribution protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, low-voltage protection, zero-position protection, emergency stop button, and emergency stop button.
  8. This equipment makes the operation and control of the flat car safer and more reliable.
Accessories Show of Trackless Transfer Carts from Perfect

Trackless Transfer Carts Terrain

Trackless transfer carts can be used both indoors and outdoors, and you can choose different models according to your needs.
Trackless transfer carts can run on cement roads, asphalt roads, and dry dirt roads. The road surface needs to have a certain degree of flatness. Generally, Generally, the climbing ability of the trackless transfer vehicle is within 3%.(Percentage slope = tanθ × 100%), but the length of the car body and the specific slope range should be considered. It also depends on the actual size of the vehicle.

Trackless Transfer Carts Solution

Trackless Transfer Carts Dimensions

The table size of Trackless transfer carts is generally determined according to the size of the object to be transported and the actual situation of the transport site. The commonly used dimensions of our standard models are:

Rated load(t)5101520304050
Table size(mm)3000*20003600*20004000*22004500*22005000*22005500*23006000*2300
Height of cart(mm)450530600600650700700
Running speed(m/min)0-200-200-200-200-200-200-20

Of course, the table size of the transfer cart can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. We can design the table size suitable for you and match the appropriate additional devices for you free of charge according to the actual site and the goods to be moved.

Trackless Transfer Carts Customization

Trackless transfer carts can be customized to meet the specific requirements or needs of customers.
The load capacity and table size of Trackless Transfer carts can be customized according to customer needs;
Customers can also choose wireless remote control devices for trackless transfer vehicles;
Can be customized automatic stop in case of an encounter, limit device;
Maintenance-free batteries, lithium batteries, explosion-proof batteries, high-temperature resistant batteries, etc. can be customized;
Optional DC brushed motor, DC brushless motor;
Optional domestic electrical brands and global well-known electrical brands.

Electric Trackless Transfer Cart

Trackless Transfer Carts Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping trackless transfer carts in good working condition and ensuring their optimal performance.

Regular inspection: Check for any loose or broken parts, worn-out wheels or axles, or any other signs of wear and tear.

Lubrication: Proper lubrication of the cart’s moving parts, such as wheels, axles, and bearings, is essential to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.
Cleaning: Use a damp cloth or mild detergent to remove any debris or dirt that may have accumulated on the cart to prevent rust or corrosion to keep the cart clean.

Battery maintenance: If the cart is battery-powered, check the battery level regularly and recharge as needed.
Tire pressure: Regularly check tire pressures to ensure they are inflated to recommended levels to avoid compromising stroller performance.

Electrical system: Check the electrical system regularly to ensure that all connections are tight, and there are no loose wires.

Safety features: Check the safety features regularly, such as emergency stop buttons, safety switches, and warning lights, to ensure they are in good working condition.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of the trackless transfer cart and prevent costly breakdowns. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and guidelines for optimal performance.

Trackless Transfer Carts Cost

The cost of trackless transfer cart can vary depending on a variety of factors such as capacity, size, type of power supply, and other features. In general, the price of basic models of transfer carts ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. More advanced and customized models may cost more.
Perfect Transfer Cart professional business personnel will calculate the latest and most accurate quotation for you according to your different customization needs, click to get the latest quotation!

Trackless Transfer Carts Warranty

Perfect Transfer Cart Factory guarantees that the designed railless transfer car is not less than 120% of the load-bearing safety factor.

During the warranty period, if the trackless transfer car is damaged due to quality problems or cannot work normally, the factory will provide assistance to repair or replace the car for free. If outside the warranty period, our company promises to charge only the cost.

Perfect Trackless Transfer Cart Factory is determined to protect the interests of customers, guarantee the quality and safety of the transfer truck, and provide customers with satisfactory handling solutions.

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