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Customized RGV Carts for Coil Handling

Brand: Perfect
Load capacity: 5-500T Customized
Dimensions: Tailored to your specifications
Running speed:20m/min
Working direction: Forward/Backward/Turntable/Lifting/
Power supply: Battery
Grade ability:≤3%
Positioning accuracy ±10mm
Stop accuracy ±10mm
Safe induction range ≤3m adjustable
Charging method: Automatic/Manual/Replace the battery
Handling Material: Coil, Steel coil, Aluminum coil, Galvanized coil, Rolls…

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What is an RGV Cart for Coil Handling

RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle) cart for coil handling is an automated material handling solution designed specifically for the efficient and precise movement of coils within manufacturing facilities. It uses a guided rail system and is adaptable to the unique needs of handling coils in different industries. We offer a range of customization options, including load capacity adjustments (from 5t to 500t), dimensions tailored to your specifications, and various power supply methods such as battery-powered, busbar-powered, cable-powered, and low voltage rail powered, Because they involve loading, transferring and unloading, Hydraulic lifting system is installed on the RGV. The goal is to provide a solution that perfectly fits your coil handling needs. For a details description, you can read another for Coil Transfer Cart for Coil Handling.

In the dynamic landscape of material handling, efficiency, and precision are paramount. As a leading material handling equipment manufacturer, Perfect brings to you our Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV), a precision material handling solution designed to elevate intralogistics and heavy loads material handling automation in key industries such as metal processing, molds, dies, and coil transport.

Advantages of Customized RGV Carts for Coil Handling
Advantages of Customized RGV Carts for Coil Handling

Advantages of Customized RGV Carts for Coil Handling

  • Precision handling: Customized RGV carts provide precise coil movement, ensuring accurate positioning.
  • Tailored load capacity: With customizable load capacity (5 to 500 tons), RGV Carts meet specific weight requirements.
  • Versatile power supply: Flexible power options—battery, busbar, cable, low voltage rail—suit diverse operational needs.
  • Enhanced safety: Equipped with a radar detector, RGV Carts prioritize safety, adhering to international standards.
  • Smart charging: Optimize battery life with smart charging, ensuring continuous availability for material handling.
  • Handling expertise: Bring unique material handling expertise to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects.
  • Industry-standard communication: RGV carts utilize Industry WiFi for seamless connectivity, enhancing real-time communication.
  • Operational continuity: RGV carts support 24-hour operations, ensuring productivity and meeting demanding schedules.

RGV Parameters

Capacity LoadCustomizable from 5t to 500t 
DimensionsTailored to your specifications 
 Carrier Type Platform type for versatile applications
Drive FormSteering wheel drive for precise control 
Guide ControlRail guidance for accuracy
Running Speed20m/min  
Communication MethodIndustry WIFI
Power SupplyBattery/Cable/Busbar/Low volatge rail
Operation Mode:24 hours
AccuracyPositioning ±10mm, Stop ±10mm 
Safety FeaturesRadar scanning, Emergency button, Voice alert, Light alarm
Parameters of Rail Guided Vehicles

Video from Custom RGV with hydraulic lifting Coil Handling

RGV with hydraulic lifting coil transfer carts 20 tons

Wide Range of Uses for RGV

Besides coil handling, RGV is also used in automation material handling of large objects, heavy loads, and bulky objects. RGVs are frequently reused in industries including paper and printing, aerospace, chemicals, shipbuilding, mold and tool manufacturing, steel plants, automotive, and metal processing. They are essential for streamlining material handling procedures in these various industries due to their adaptability, accuracy, and automation capabilities. To explore additional varieties of heavy load transfer carts for industrial material handling equipment offered by Perfect, consider reading another article on Industrial Transfer Carts.

Why Choose Us

Technological Prowess of RGV

At the heart of our RGV is a deep understanding of the latest technologies shaping the industry. We seamlessly integrate modern communication and data transmission methods, employing Industrial Wi-Fi communications to ensure optimal connectivity and control. If you need economic coil transfer cart from Perfect, you can choose a busbar power transfer cart for coil handling, like our client from Bangladesh, who chose a busbar power coil rail transfer cart of 20 tons.

Expertise Tailored for Construction Companies

Our commitment to providing unique expertise in automated material handling extends to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies. We understand the intricate demands of the industry and offer solutions that optimize efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Versatile Power Supply Options

Our RGVs boast expertise in all major methods of power supply. From automatic shuttles powered by battery-powered, busbars, cable drums, and trailing cable and low voltage rail power, we offer a versatile range to suit diverse operational requirements.

Perfect Coil Transfer Cart Factory

Various types from coil transfer carts supplier

What are the load capacity options for RGV coil transfer carts from Perfect?

The load capacity of our custom automated RGV with hydraulic lifting coil transfer carts can be customized, ranging from 5 tons to 500 tons.

How does a hydraulic lifting mechanism work?

The hydraulic lifting mechanism is designed to elevate and lower coils with precision. For loading, transferring, and unloading, controlled either manually or automatically based on specific requirements.

In which industries are these automated RGV carts commonly used?

These carts are used in many different industries, such as mold manufacturing, automotive, metal processing, shipyard, and other fields where automated handling of large coils is crucial.

Can the dimensions of the carts be customized to fit specific coil sizes?

Sure, you can alter the carts’ dimensions to fit the particular coil shapes and sizes that you are working with.

What is the advantage of automation in coil handling processes?

Automation ensures precision, efficiency, and reduced manual labor, contributing to enhanced safety and productivity in coil handling operations.

Are these transfer carts equipped with safety features?

Yes, the top priority is safety. To provide a safe working material handling environment, these transfer carts from Perfect are equipped with safety features like radar detectors, emergency stop buttons, and other mechanisms.

Can automatic transfer carts be operated in confined spaces?

Yes, the design of these automatic transfer carts allows them to maneuver efficiently in confined spaces, providing flexibility in various manufacturing layouts.

Can these carts be integrated with existing manufacturing systems?

Yes, these carts are designed for easy integration into existing manufacturing setups, minimizing disruption and optimizing overall efficiency.

What types of controls are available for operating RGV Carts?

RGV carts can be operated using a variety of controls, including button control, remote control, or PLC control, providing flexibility based on user preferences and requirements.

Are hydraulic systems designed for efficient and quick lifting?

Yes, hydraulic systems are designed to be as fast and efficient as possible, guaranteeing that coils are lifted precisely and quickly during material handling operations.

Can the automated RGV carts operate 24 hours a day?

Yes, these automated carts are made to run continuously, allowing for round-the-clock productivity in manufacturing settings with strict schedules.

What are the turning options available for automated transfer carts?

Automated transfer carts offer multiple turning options, allowing for flexibility in navigating different directions, including rail turntable and lifting options.

How is the charging of the carts managed?

The automatic handling of charging guarantees that the carts are constantly prepared for use. For added flexibility, there are also options for manual charging.

What is the lifespan of the hydraulic lifting mechanism?

The lifespan depends on factors like usage and maintenance. With proper care and adherence to guidelines, the hydraulic lifting mechanism is designed for a long and reliable service life.

Can RGV carts handle uneven surfaces or inclines?

RGV carts are designed to handle various terrains, with a grade ability of up to 3%, ensuring smooth operation on uneven surfaces.

How is the positioning accuracy of RGV ensured?

The coils are placed precisely during material handling operations thanks to the positioning accuracy, which is within ±10mm.

Can the carts be equipped with additional safety measures based on specific requirements?

Yes, customization options are available to incorporate additional safety features based on specific industry or project requirements.

Is training provided for operating and maintaining these automated RGV carts?

Indeed, operators and maintenance staff can receive thorough training to guarantee the safe and effective operation of the Automated RGV with hydraulic lifting coil transfer carts.

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