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Busbar Power Coil Transfer Cart 20 Ton Bangladesh

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Technical Parameters of Busbar Power Coil Transfer Cart 20 Ton Customized

  • Manufacturer from China: Perfect
  • Load Capacity: 20 Ton
  • Power supply: Busbar
  • Transfer trolley design: Rail transfer cart
  • Incidental Tooling: V frame
  • Control system: Button control and remote control

Coil Transfer Cart 20 Ton Powered Busbar In Bangladesh
Coil Transfer Cart 20 Ton Powered Busbar In Bangladesh

What Is Busbar Power Rail Transfer Cart Technology

Busbar power rail transfer cart technology is an economical material handling solution designed for the efficient transport of heavy loads within industrial facilities. This technology involves the use of a powered cart equipped with a busbar power rail system, providing a reliable and flexible means of moving materials. Here’s an overview of how busbar power rail transfer cart technology works:

Busbar Power Rail Transfer Cart Components:

Cart structure:
The transfer cart typically consists of a sturdy frame with wheels, capable of supporting heavy loads. The cart structure is designed for durability and stability during transportation.

Busbar power rail system:
The busbar power rail system is a key component. It consists of conductive bars or rails installed along the cart’s path. These bars supply electrical power to the cart, allowing it to move autonomously without the need for external power sources.

Electric drive system:
The cart is equipped with an electric drive system, which includes motors responsible for propelling the cart along the busbar power rail. The electric drive ensures precise control over speed and direction.

Control system:
A control system, often computerized, manages the operation of the busbar power rail transfer cart. It enables operators to start, stop, and control the movement of the cart remotely.

Coil transfer carts are specialized material handling equipment used in industrial settings to transport heavy loads, particularly steel coils, aluminum coils, or other materials. These industrial carts are designed to safely move and transport heavy and bulky coils within manufacturing plants and warehouses. The specific material being transported can vary, but it’s generally in the form of large, cylindrical coils. In the text, This industrial transfer cart is customized and powered by a busbar which can offer unlimited distance of operation. Different from busbar power for coil rail transfer cart, Perfect Supplier also has another custom transfer cart for coli handling without track, for more types and parameters, you can also read another article about Steel Coil Trackless Transfer Cart.

Coil Transfer Cart Busbar Powered Customized 20 Tons from our client’s factory in Bangladesh

Parameters of Busbar Power Rail Transfer Cart 

ModelBHX-2tBHX5tBHX10tBHX20tBHX50tBHX80t BHX100t
Rated Load (t)2510205080100
Wheel Base (mm)1200250026002800420047004900
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)1200143514351435143518002000
Wheel Diameter (mm)Ф270Ф270Ф300Ф350Ф500Ф600Ф600
Wheel Quantity4444444
Ground Clearance (mm)50505050507575
Running Speed (m/min)0-250-250-250-200-200-200-20
Motor Power (Kw)
Transformer Power(KVA)3356.8102030
Transformer Quantity1111111
Running Distance (m)70707070505050
Max Wheel Load( kn)14.425.842.677.7174278.4343.8
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P18P24P43P50QU100
Parameters details of busbar power rail transfer carts from Perfect Factory design

How to Choose Busbar Power Rail Transfer Cart for Your Facility

Choosing a suitable busbar power rail transfer cart for your facility is a critical decision that can significantly impact your material handling efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide from Perfect Transfer Cart Manufacturer on how to make the best choice:

Assess your material handling needs:

Begin by understanding your facility’s material handling requirements. Consider the type, size, and weight of the loads you’ll be transporting.

Evaluate load capacity:

Determine the maximum load capacity the busbar power rail transfer cart needs to handle. Choose a cart with a capacity that exceeds your current needs to accommodate future growth.

Consider cart dimensions:

Take into account the dimensions of the items you’ll be moving. Ensure that the cart’s size and configuration align with the spatial requirements of your facility.

Examine speed and acceleration:

Evaluate the speed and acceleration capabilities of the transfer cart. How many working hours per day for the cart? Operate continuously?

Review safety features:

Prioritize safety features such as emergency braking, obstacle detection, and audible alarms. At Perfect, our all transfer carts can meet your need for safety features.

Consider maintenance requirements:

Busbar power transfer carts from Perfect Manufacturer are a cart with minimal maintenance requirements to reduce downtime and operational disruptions.

Review environmental impact:

Busbar power rail transfer cart from Perfect is for energy-efficient systems that align with your sustainability goals.

Evaluate cost of implementation:

Conduct a thorough cost analysis, considering not only the initial investment but also long-term operational costs. Busbar power transfer carts are the most economical.

Seek expert consultation:

If needed, consult with our experts to get insights into the specific requirements of your facility. They can provide valuable guidance in choosing the most suitable busbar power rail transfer cart.

By following these steps and considering the unique needs of your facility, you can make an informed decision when choosing a busbar power rail transfer cart that maximizes efficiency and meets safety standards. Do not hesitate, to call us today for your busbar power transfer cart. To explore additional types of heavy load transfer carts offered by Perfect, you may find valuable information in another article discussing Industrial Transfer Carts For Material Handling.

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