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Busbar Powered Transfer Cart

Busbar-powered transfer car is powered by the movement of the transfer car to drive the transfer car, which requires a trench on one side of the track and a safety slip wire installed in the trench.
Load capacity:1-500 Ton
Running Speed:20-30m/min
Power Supply:Busbar Power
Material: Steel coils, aluminum coils, galvanized coils, transformers, cable trays, casting parts.

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Busbar Powered Transfer Cart Introduction

Busbar Powered Transfer Cart is driven by the movement of the transfer cart to supply power to the transfer cart, which requires the opening of a trench on the side of the track and the installation of a safety slip wire in the trench, which is laid on a single surface and fixed to the ground with a hinge. When the electric rail transfer car is in operation, the cover is lifted by the trench flap device installed on the transit car, and the flap device contains the cable connected to the safety slip wire collector. The electric flat car is automatically put back to the ground after the cover is passed to ensure the ground is level. Slip wire-powered rail transit car is not limited by the running distance. Suitable for harsh environments and high-temperature environments and other occasions, works with high frequency, high safety factor, and rate controllability, and is a common means of transportation when we carry out cargo handling.

Busbar Powered Transfer Cart Product Advantages

  • Loading Capacity Up To 500 Tons
  • Automatic Or Manual Control
  • Driving Speed Up To 30 M/Min.
  • Tailor-Made Design
  • Busbar Energy Supply
  • Suitable For Outdoor And Indoor Operation
  • Ce-Certified
  • Ip Protection Class Suitable For Work Environment

Busbar Powered Transfer Cart Features

Busbar powered transfer cart allows for the safe transfer of the vehicle to the desired station without energy interruption thanks to the energy Busbar Powered Transfer Cart receives from the highly-installed busbar system. Busbar Powered Transfer Cart is compatible with the change in settlement as Busbar Powered Transfer Cart is highly safe. Busbar Powered Transfer Cart has several advantages like low cost, high performance and fast mounting. Busbar powered transfer cart can be used when the operation area is suitable for busbar mounting.

Busbar Powered Rail Transfer Cart Application

Material handling: Steel ladle, Steel structure, Mold, Steel coil, Aluminum coil, Mechanical equipment. etc

Steel factory
Cement factory
Medical instruments
Workshop (Cold rolling, Mold, steel, Coil, Hardware processing )

Technical Parameters of Busbar Powered Transfer Cart

ModelBHX2tBHX5tBHX10tBHX20tBHX50tBHX80t BHX100t
Rated Load (t)2510205080100
Table Size (mm)Length2000350036004000550060006500
Wheel Base (mm)1200250026002800420047004900
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)1200143514351435143518002000
Wheel Diameter (mm)Ф270Ф270Ф300Ф350Ф500Ф600Ф600
Wheel Quantity4444444
Ground Clearance (mm)50505050507575
Running Speed (m/min)0-250-250-250-200-200-200-20
Motor Power (Kw)
Transformer Power(KVA)3356.8102030
Transformer Quantity1111111
Running Distance (m)70707070505050
Max Wheel Load( kn)14.425.842.677.7174278.4343.8
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P18P24P43P50QU100
Parameters of Busbar Powered Transfer Cart

Video of Busbar Powered Transfer Cart for Industrial