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Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail

Main Feature of Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail
Model: BJT
Capacity load: 1-500T
Table size: Customized
Power supply: Cable drum
Running Speed: 0~25m/min
Control mode: Button/Remote control
General application: Metallurgical heavy industry, molds industry, mechanical manufacturing, paper industry, coal mechanical and electrical industry, ceramic workshop

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How Does Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail Work

Cable drum powered rail transfer trolley uses the AC380V to rely on the retractable cable drum of the winding device on the trolley to realize the power supply of the transfer trolley. The coiling device is placed under the rail transfer cart, and the power supply is directly controlled by the AC control system to start, stop, move forward, and move backward, etc. The operating system is controlled by a low-voltage 36V power supply. It has a high frequency of use and unlimited running time.

Hydraulic lifting system can be installed on the transfer trolley, which is suitable for harsh environments, high-temperature environments, explosion-proof environments, etc. During operation, the cable drum will automatically wind up or release the cable, depending on the power supply length of the reel. The general operation distance is less than 200m. At Perfect, you can get other customized services, such as load capacity, dimension, operating speed, rollers, hoisting mechanism, turntable, etc. For more types of motorized rail transfer cart from Perfect, you can also read another article about Transfer Cart On Rail.

Parameters of Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail

Parameters of cable drum transfer trolley on rail

Video of Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail

10T cable drum die transfer trolley on rail with turntable

Application Of Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail

Cable drum rail transfer trolleys have several uses and are practical in a range of situations and industries. These transfer trolleys are made primarily to move huge items quickly and securely. The following are some typical uses for cable drum transfer trolleys on rail:

  • Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, raw materials, finished goods, and materials for work-in-progress are moved between various production stations using cable drum transfer trolleys.
  • Warehouse: Cable drum transfer trolleys are frequently used in warehouses to move cargo pallets.
  • Construction sites: These transfer trolleys are used in construction to transport supplies, machinery, and tools throughout sizable job sites. Their sturdy build can withstand the rough terrain that is frequently encountered in construction operations.
  • Shipbuilding and repair: Cable drum transfer trolleys are used in shipyards to move heavy products and components across the facility. They are necessary for the building and upkeep of vessels.
  • Mining: These industrial transfer trolleys are used in mining operations to move big amounts of ore, minerals, and machinery underground and between different mining levels.
  • Aerospace: To carry aircraft parts, engines, and assemblies through various production steps, aircraft manufacturing facilities use cable drum transfer trolleys.
  • Automotive: These industrial transfer trolleys are used by automakers to move big parts including automobile bodies, chassis, and other heavy components along assembly lines.
  • Power plants: In power plants, heavy machinery, transformers, and other equipment are moved for repair or installation using cable drum transfer trolleys.
  • Steel mills: To handle and transport large steel coils, ingots, and other completed steel products, steel mills employ these industrial transfer trolleys.
  • Paper mills: Cable drum rail transfer trolleys are used in the paper industry to transport big rolls of paper between storage spaces and processing equipment.
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants: Within industrial facilities, they are used to transfer containers, equipment, and chemicals safely.

Case Of Cable Drum Rail Transfer Trolley From Perfect

Accessories For Cable Drum Rail Transfer Trolley  

Accessories For Cable Drum Rail Transfer Trolley
Cable drum rail transfer trolley accessories

Factory View

Cable Drum Transfer Trolley On Rail Factory
Cable drum powered rail transfer trolley manufacturer

Shipping and Packaging

Shipping and Packaging of Cable Drum Rail Transfer Trolley
Shipping and packaging of cable drum power transfer trolley from Perfect factory

Visitors To Perfect Transfer Trolley Factory

Visitors to Perfect Transfer Trolley Factory
Visitors to Perfect transfer trolley factory

For more types of heavy duty industrial transfer carts from Perfect, you can also read another article about Industrial Transfer Carts For Material Handling.


What is a cable drum transfer trolley?
Cable drum transfer trolley is a specialized industrial vehicle designed to transport heavy loads within manufacturing, construction, and logistics settings.

How does the cable drum transfer trolley operate?
It is easy to operate manually or remotely and is normally powered by cable drum. They can be controlled to go forward, backward, and turn as needed and have wheels or rails for transportation.

What are the benefits of using cable drum transfer trolley?
It can be used indoors and outdoors, and have a high frequency of use with no limit running time. It can be used in high-temperature explosion proof and other harsh environments.

Are cable drum power transfer trolleys customizable?
Sure, Perfect manufacturer offer customizable options to meet specific requirements, such as load capacity, track configuration, lifting, rollors, and additional features like brakes and safety systems.

What safety features should I look for in a cable drum transfer trolley?
Safety features include emergency stop buttons, obstacle detection sensors, warning alarms, and operator training. Always follow safety guidelines and regulations.

What maintenance is required for these trolleys?
To ensure the trolley’s durability and secure operation, routine maintenance is required, including checking for wear and tear, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting electrical components.

Can cable drum transfer trolley be used outdoors?
Yes, many models are suitable for outdoor use, but it’s important to choose one that is designed for the specific environmental conditions and terrain of your application.

Are there alternatives to cable drum power transfer trolley?
Yes, alternatives include forklifts, cranes, and manual labor, but cable drum transfer trolleys are often preferred for their efficiency and precision in handling cable drums.

What is the cost range for cable drum transfer trolleys?
The cost is affected by things like load capacity, customization, and added features.

Do cable drum power transfer trolleys have to adhere to any rules or specifications?
Different locations and industries may have different laws and regulations. When employing these trolleys, it’s crucial to adhere to regional safety laws and sector-specific norms.

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