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Molten Metal Ladle Transfer Cart

Brand: Perfect
Certification: CE ISO SGS
Capacity load: 1-500 tons
Dimension: Can be customized
Control system: Button/ Remote / PLC
Power supply: Battery/Rail / Cable Drum / Cable Reel
Special function: Anti-explosion/ Heat-resistant/ Lifting
Application: Steel industry/Foundry/Metallurgical industry/Workshop

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How Do Ladle Transfer Carts Work

Ladle transfer carts are heavy load material handling tools used in industrial settings to move ladles containing molten metal or other materials. They have a strong steel frame with wheels and a power source that can powered be by batteries or low voltage rail or cable. These control panel-equipped carts provide precise mobility as well as safety features including emergency stop buttons and collision avoidance systems. Depending on the configuration of the facility, ladle transfer carts may be rail or trackless. In the metal and material processing industries, they are essential for raising production, reducing downtime, and assuring worker safety. For handling solutions details, you can also read another article Introduction To Ladle Transfer Carts.

Factory Transfer Molten Steel Ladle Transfer Cart Details

Features Of Molten Metal Ladle Transfer Cart

  • Can design rail ladle transfer cart or trackless ladle transfer cart, and no strict requirement for the construction of the rail.
  • Suitable for anti-explosion, anti-high temperature, and various occasions.
  • Rugged design ensures longevity, minimizing maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Suited for close proximity, high frequency, and extended periods of uninterrupted working.
  • Customization options for load capacity, track gauge, hydraulic lifting, turntable and power supply(battery, cable, rail power).
  • Long service life and the structure is simple and easy to maintain
  • Safety features include emergency stop buttons, collision avoidance systems, and anti-tip mechanisms, ensuring a secure working environment for your operators.

Technical Parameters Of Battery Driven Rail Ladle Transfer Cart

Rated Load(t)22050100150
Wheel Base(mm)12002800420049007000
Rail Inner Gauge(mm)1200143514352002000
Wheel Diameter (mm)270350500600600
Running Speed (m/min)0-250-200-200-200-18
Motor Power(KW)12.251015
Battery Capacity180180330440600
Battery Voltage2448487272
Running Time When Full Load4.3243.33.22.9
Running Distance for One Charge(km)6.54.843.83.2
Recommended Rail ModelP15P24P43QU100QU100
Parameters of battery-operated rail ladle transfer cart

Applications Of Molten Metal Ladle Transfer Cart

  • Steel mills: Molten metal, steel billet, hot metal ladle scrap bucket transportation.
  • Foundry: Streamline the movement of molten metal between various processing stages.
  • Metallurgical industry: Facilitate the transfer of ladles containing molten metal alloys, ensuring safe and timely material handling.
  • Warehouse transportation for workpiece and lathe.
  • Port: Ship repair, assembly, container transportation.
  • Petroleum industry: Oil pumps, sucker rods and parts repair.

Accessories of Ladle Transfer Car

Accessories of Ladle Transfer Cart from Perfect Factory

Production Process of Perfect Molten Metal Ladle Transfer Cart

Production Process of Molten Steel Ladle Transfer Car

Why Choose Perfect Ladle Transfer Cart

We stand out in the field thanks to our commitment to innovation, quality, and client happiness. You gain by using our ladle transfer cart because:

  • Dependable and robust solutions: Our solutions are made to last and deliver years of dependable service.
  • Expert Engineering: Each cart is built to satisfy the highest requirements of performance and safety thanks to the expert engineering work of our staff.
  • Outstanding customer support: We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer support, including prompt assistance and support for the entire product lifespan.
  • Competitive pricing: We work hard to create a product that surpasses expectations at a competitive price, giving you the best return on your investment.

Invest in our ladle transfer cart to improve your industrial processes and streamline your material handling solution. To explore your needs and learn how our cart can transform your company, get in touch with us right away.

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