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Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley

Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley is more suitable for handling various industrial heavy loads, easy to operate and maintain.

Load capacity:1-300 Ton
Running Speed:20-30m/min
Power Supply:Low Voltage Rail
Material:heavy cement pipe, mild steel, thick slabs, slag pots, aluminum rolling, rollings forge piece, metal sheet, carbon steel pipe, pipes, big dies, die

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Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley Description

Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley is more suitable for handling various industrial heavy loads, easy to operate and maintain, and almost maintenance-free at a later stage, the price of Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley is relatively more competitive.

The working principle of the low voltage rail powered electric transfer cart is to reduce the voltage of the 380V power supply (three-phase or single-phase) to a safe voltage of 36V through the ground control step-down system. Provide power to the conductive rail (the conductive rail doubles as the running rail transfer cart), and the low voltage power is sent to the step-up transformer on the trolley through the conductive device of the flat car, and the voltage is boosted to 380V to drive the three-phase or single-phase capacitor motor to drive transfer cart runs. You can also read another handling solution article about Low Voltage Power Rail Transfer Cart For Steel Tube Dominican.

Low Voltage Rail Electric Transfer Cart Advantage

  • Safe: no cables, anti-scald, anti-smashed
  • Easy to operate; remote control and automation
  • Can drive on curves and roundabouts
  • No limit on running distance
  • Low cost

Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley is powered by low voltage electricity from railways, the kind of transfer cart is one of the most convenient and it often can be widely used in the industrial field and so on. Of course, compared to other transfer carts, its main features are as follows, its rails are insulated from the ground, and its wheels are insulated from the ground, so don’t others. It is the advantage that the flat cart has, why we design is that it’s convenient (only rails needed) and its simple operation.

The Perfect transfer cart company has a professional team and utilizes more advanced techniques to make it, and it has been a long year to manufacture it attentively. Simultaneously, it will be easier and more flexible. For other rail transfer carts from Perfect, you can also get batter power, cable power and busbar power motorized transfer carts.

Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley Parameters

ModelBDGS-2tBDGS-5tBDGS-10tBDGS-16tBDGS-20tBDGS-25tBDGS-30t BDGS-40tBDGS-50tBDGS-63tBDGS-80t BDGS-100tBDGS-150t
Rated Load (t)25101620253040506380100150
Table Size (mm)Length20003500360040004000450045005000550056006000650010000
Wheel Base (mm)1200250026002800280032003200380042004300470049007000
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)1200143514351435143514351435143514351435180020002000
Wheel Diameter (mm)Ф270Ф270Ф300Ф350Ф350Ф400Ф400Ф500Ф500Ф600Ф600Ф600Ф600
Wheel Quantity4444444444448
Ground Clearance (mm)50505050505050505075757575
Running Speed (m/min)0-250-250-250-200-200-200-200-200-200-200-200-200-18
Motor Power (Kw)
Transformer Power(KVA)3356.86.86.810101020203030
Transformer Quantity1111111111111
Running Distance (m)70707070707070605050505050
Max Wheel Load( kn)14.425.842.664.577.794.5110.4142.8174221.4278.4343.8265.2
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P18P24P24P38P38P43P43P50P50QU100QU100

Low Voltage Powered Transfer Trolley Features

  • Anti-high temperature
  • Safe devices are installed(alarm light)
  • Customization can be supported
  • If large capacity, the dual drive can be installed, and the largest capacity can reach 300T
  • China manufacturing
  • Steel Box Beam Structure About Body
  • Turning can be realized
  • Apply to various occasions
  • Safety, flexibility, stable start, big starting torque, small capacity to the gear gearing
  • Low voltage, long lifetime
  • The running distance is not limited.
  • When the running distance is more than 70m, it is better to increase the transformers to make up for the voltage which has been lowed.
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