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Omnidirectional Transfer Cart For Warehouse 2 Ton

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Customized Technical Parameters of Omni Directional Transfer Cart 2 Ton

  • Transfer cart manufacturer: PERFECT
  • Custom load capacity: 2 Ton
  • Power supply: Battery Operated
  • Transfer trolley design: Omnidirectional steering – OMNI
  • Incidental tooling: Robotic arm
  • Control system: Button control and remote control
Heavy Duty Omni-directional Transfer Carts
Heavy Duty Omni-directional Transfer Carts

What is Omnidirectional Transfer Cart

Omnidirectional transfer carts are special material handling equipment that can move heavy loads in any direction. Unlike conventional carts and forklifts, which can only move in a straight line, omni-directional transfer carts can move in any direction, including diagonally and rotationally. They are typically used in industrial environments where heavy loads need to be moved quickly and efficiently, especially in applications where space is limited or precise positioning is required. Overall, omni-directional transfer carts provide a versatile and efficient solution for moving heavy loads in a variety of industrial environments.

Custom Parameters of Omnidirectional Transfer Cart

Rated load (T)21020305063150
Wheel Base (mm)1200260028003200420043007000
Wheel Diameter(mm)Φ270Φ300Φ350Φ400Φ500Φ600Φ600
Ground Clearance (mm)50505050507575
Motor Power (Kw)
Battery Capacity(Ah)180160180250330400600
Battery Voltage(V)24484848484872
Running Time When Full Load4.324.843.53.332.9
Running Distance for one Charge(Km)
Max Wheel Load (KN)14.442.677.7110.4174221.4265.2

Client Profile

Our client is a leading high-tech company specializing in laser-based high-end manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and materials design. The company is at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing industry, with a focus on research and development in process technology, materials design, equipment integration and processing services. It serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive and medical.


In this particular case, our client faced the challenge of optimizing the material handling processes within its manufacturing facility. Traditional material handling methods were not efficient enough to meet the demands of their advanced manufacturing processes. They needed a solution that could provide accurate, flexible, and efficient material transport within the facility.

Material Handling Solution

PERFECT considered a laser-enabled material handling system to propose an effective solution. This system consisted of a battery operated, super-compact, omnidirectional, autonomous loading vehicle equipped with various mechanical arms, designed to handle different types of materials and components. This steerable transfer cart was powered by rechargeable batteries, omni-directional steering, allowing it to operate seamlessly across the facility. Its unique features included the ability to move forward, backward, and sideways, as well as rotate 360 degrees in place, making it ideal for navigating tight spaces within the workshop. Omni-directional transfer cart was operated using both button control and wireless remote control methods, providing operators with flexibility and ease of use. With a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons and a platform size of 2000x1500x650, the vehicle was well-suited for the client’s needs.

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