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Rail Powered Transfer Cart 5 Ton For Warehouse

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Working Principle of Rail Powered Transfer Cart

Low voltage powered transfer trolley is powered by a conductive rail. Because the rail installation needs to be insulated, there are certain requirements for the application environment. Usually, we will lay the low-voltage rail inside the factory.

The 380V AC power is processed by the transformer, reduced to a safe voltage of 36V, and connected to the rail. Then the power will be diverted to the wheels, so that transfer trolley can obtain driving force, and finally realize a series of operations such as starting, stopping, moving forward, moving backward, or speed regulation.

Features of Industrial Electric Cart

◆ Can be used for vertical rails, L-shaped rails, and curved rails

◆ Cast steel wheels, strong and durable

◆ Steel box beam structure, ensuring the firmness of the frame and long service life

◆ Adjustable speed 0-30m/min

◆ ISO9001, safety guarantee

◆ Safety devices: Bumpers, warning lights, limit switches, etc.

◆ High requirements for rails

Client Profile

This BDG-5T rail transfer cart is mainly used for handling aluminum alloy products in the warehouse. During the communication with customers, our engineers combined the layout design and transportation routes of factories, innovated the drawings and designs many times, and customized this turning rail cart, breaking through the disadvantage that conventional transfer trolleys are only used for straight transportation.

Electric Platform Cart Technical Parameters

  • Model: BDG-5T
  • Table Size: 4000*1200*600mm
  • Power Supply: Rail powered
  • Turning Radius: 7000mm
  • Handling Material: Aluminum alloy products

Rated Load (t)25101620253040506380100
Wheel Base (mm)120025002600280028003200320038004200430047004900
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)120014351435143514351435143514351435143518002000
Wheel Diameter (mm)Ф270Ф270Ф300Ф350Ф350Ф400Ф400Ф500Ф500Ф600Ф600Ф600
Wheel Quantity444444444444
Ground Clearance (mm)505050505050505050757575
Running Speed (m/min)0-250-250-250-200-200-200-200-200-200-200-200-20
Motor Power (Kw)
Transformer Power(KVA)3356.86.86.8101010202030
Transformer Quantity111111111111
Running Distance (m)707070707070706050505050
Max Wheel Load( kn)14.425.842.664.577.794.5110.4142.8174221.4278.4343.8
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P18P24P24P38P38P43P43P50P50QU100

30 Ton Low-Voltage Rail Power Transfer Cart Video

Electric transfer trolley is equipped with emergency automatic stop function and anti-collision system to ensure transportation safety.

Client Feedback

5 ton low-voltage railroad cart for sale designed and manufactured by Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. for our company has been proven through use that the product is in good overall operating condition, with stable performance, scientific structure, strong and durable, and the energy-saving effect is also very significant. Compared with traditional handling equipment, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It meets our company’s usage requirements.

The technicians provided us with a lot of technical support, and the sales staff were also very patient and provided good service. According to our products and requirements, the process of personalized customization is performed very professionally. Overall, we found the right manufacturer and we are very satisfied with this cooperation.

Perfect Factory

  • Industry-leading manufacturer, R&D and production for more than 20 years
  • Customized solutions, quality services
  • Perfect after-sales service, reliable brand reputation
  • Many cases of overseas customer cooperation, covering a wide range of regions, guaranteed technical quality

We not only provide Rail transfer carts but also trackless transfer trolleys, of various types to meet your handling needs.

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