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20T Cable Drum Powered Rail Transfer Cart For Bangladesh

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Rail transfer carts are convenient, environmentally friendly, and efficient material handling equipment that can meet the needs of different occasions, improve logistics efficiency, and reduce costs.

Technical Parameters of Industrial Electric Cart

  • Model: BJT-20T
  • Table Size: 1960*1556*500mm
  • Power Supply: Cable drum
  • The medial distance of the rail: 13450mm
  • Auxiliary Device: Tooling racks

Project Introduce

The customer wanted to buy transfer trolley with a large load capacity for the galvanizing industry production line. After analyzing the factory site data provided by the customer, we recommended this cable drum powered transfer cart. For the customer’s special needs, we added tooling racks at both ends of the rail transfer car, which were equipped with lifting racks to help handle materials.

Advantages of Custom Industrial Cart

  • Environmentally friendly: Heavy duty industrial carts are powered by electricity, are energy-saving, and do not produce exhaust gas and noise.
  • Compact structure: Electric flat cars have a relatively simple structure, making them suitable for a variety of sites and environments.
  • Strong carrying capacity: They can carry cargo ranging from several tons to hundreds of tons.
  • Simple and convenient operation: Generally, only one operator is required to control them using a wireless remote control.
  • Strong working ability: The running speed and working time of electric trolleys can be adjusted as needed, and they have high working efficiency.
  • Easy maintenance: Mold transfer cart has a long service life and a low failure rate.
  • Strong applicability: Electric transfer carts can meet the needs of various occasions such as factories, warehouses, ports, stations, and airports.
  • Safe and reliable: Industrial electric carts are equipped with a variety of safety protection devices and alarm systems.

20 Ton Cable Powered Transfer Cart Video

Rail mold transfer carts can be used for a long time without restriction, and have the advantages of large load and long service life.

Rail Transfer Trolley Design for Material Handling

Cable powered transfer cart is used for running on the rail. Usually, the cable drum will be placed under rail cart to facilitate the cable retraction and release. Cable drum rail cart can be used to handle steel coils, aluminum coils, galvanized coils, transformers, cable drums, castings, motors, containers, carriages, pressure vessels, and other materials. It is suitable for the steel industry, metallurgical industry, foundry industry, shipyards, aerospace, casting molds, and other sites.

PERFECT will design auxiliary devices or basic drawings for customers free of charge based on your specific conditions, and provide technical services or drawing materials.

After-sales service personnel will provide you with technical consultation, and technical training, and answer other product-related questions. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged due to quality problems or cannot work normally, our company will repair or replace it for you free of charge.

Material Handling Solution

This BJT-20T transfer cart is used with another of our products, 30 ton rail turntable, and has been successfully operated in the customer’s warehouse. The customer believes that this transfer trolley with auxiliary tools is more convenient than traditional transport cart, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and transportation.

For materials from different customers, we can customize transfer carts, including trackless transfer carts, rail transfer carts, and industrial trailers. If you want to know more about custom industrial carts, you can read another article–Rail Powered Transfer Cart 5 Ton For Warehouse.

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