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1,000 Ton Cable Powered Transfer Cart For Sale

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Technical Parameters of Electric Platform Cart

  • Model: BJT-1000T
  • Table size: 13000*7200*1200mm
  • Custom load capacity: 1000ton
  • Power supply: Cable drum
  • Running distance: 30m
  • Running speed: 0-20m/min

Introduction of Rail Transfer Cart

The power supply for cable drum industrial transfer trolley ranges from 380V-690V AC. This power is supplied to the traction motor through the cable, and the control system manages the cable, allowing the trolley to perform various actions such as starting, stopping, moving forward, and moving backward. With a working voltage of 360V, heavy duty industrial cart operates at a safe voltage, ensuring the safety of the operators and the load.

Client Profile

The purchase of the 1,000-ton cable drum powered transfer cart by the customer is a testament to the car’s superior design and functionality. It not only meets but exceeds the industrial transportation needs of businesses dealing with heavy machinery. This case is a successful example of effectively solving the problem of the customer’s need for heavy transportation, improving productivity and transportation intensity.

Feature of Custom Industrial Cart

  • One of the key features of this industrial cart is the winding device installed in its lower part, which collects and puts down the cable.
  • Rail transfer trolley is capable of fully automatic operation through a PLC system, making it an efficient and reliable solution for material handling tasks.
  • Industrial electric carts can be used even in harsh environments, including high-temperature and explosion-proof conditions. Their simple structure and low cost make them the first choice for workshop transportation.
  • Cable drum transfer cart stands out when compared to other transportation solutions. Unlike battery powered transfer trolleys, it does not have a service life limitation. Compared to low-voltage rail transfer trolley, it does not have strict requirements for rail installation.
  • Rail transfer carts are suitable for any occasion with high loading capacity and usage frequency. When the running distance exceeds 50m, cable powered transfer cart needs to be equipped with a cable device for cable winding. The maximum running distance can reach up to 200-400m.
  • The working principle of this type of electric trolley is straightforward: transfer trolley is powered by the cable and driven by the electric motor. It is equipped with onboard control buttons or wireless remote control that operate the cart’s forward and backward movement and stoppage.
  • Cable drum power system ensures a steady supply of power, allowing for continuous operation without interruptions. This feature, combined with the trolley’s robust construction, guarantees safe and secure transportation. The risk of damage during transit is significantly reduced, ensuring longevity.

1000 Ton Rail Transfer Cart Video

Material Handling Solution

PERFECT transfer carts designed with a myriad of features to cater to your unique operational needs:

Our carts are customizable in terms of load capacity, table size, and rail inner distance. This means whether you’re handling light loads or heavy-duty materials, our electric carts are designed to handle it all.

We offer a variety of wheel types to suit different operational environments. Choose from polyurethane wheels for durability and noise reduction, rubber wheels for excellent traction and shock absorption, or mecanum wheels for unparalleled maneuverability in all directions.

The choice doesn’t stop there. Depending on your specific needs, you can select between our Rail Transfer Cart for precision-guided movement or our Trackless Transfer Cart for unrestricted mobility.

But we believe in going beyond just transportation. That’s why our carts come with optional auxiliary functions such as hydraulic lifting devices, flip devices, roller devices, climbing devices, and mechanical arms. These features allow you to not only transport materials but also perform various tasks like lifting, flipping, and climbing, making your operations more efficient and streamlined.

In a nutshell, our transfer cart is more than just material handling equipment. They are comprehensive solutions designed to make your transportation smoother, more efficient, and more productive.

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