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20 Ton Steerable Coil Transfer Trolley

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Trackless transfer trolley is powered by storage batteries, main power supply, and generators. These power sources supply current to the traction motor through an advanced electrical control system, enabling coil transfer trolley to perform a range of functions such as starting, stopping, moving forward, backward, and even turning around.

China Customized Coil Rail Transfer Cart

Client Profile

Customer who was primarily involved in the transportation of steel coils. They first discovered our product through our informative YouTube videos and their interest was piqued.

As we began our communication process, we delved deeper into understanding their needs and operations. We discovered that their factory was producing a large quantity of aluminum coils daily. This led us to realize that our customer needed a solution that was tailored to their specific needs, a solution that could handle the heavy duty operations of their factory.

With this in mind, we designed a unique double V-frame for our customer to secure their products. This design was a step up from the traditional single V-frame. The double V-frame not only increased the loading capacity but also significantly improved transportation efficiency.

Technical Parameters of Battery Operated Transfer Trolley

  • Model: BWP-20T
  • Table size: 3000x2500x500mm
  • Custom load capacity: 20 ton
  • Power supply: Battery
  • Running speed: 0-30m/min

Rated load (T)21020305063150
Wheel Base (mm)1200260028003200420043007000
Wheel Diameter(mm)Φ270Φ300Φ350Φ400Φ500Φ600Φ600
Ground Clearance (mm)50505050507575
Motor Power (Kw)
Battery Capacity(Ah)180160180250330400600
Battery Voltage(V)24484848484872
Running Time When Full Load4.324.843.53.332.9
Running Distance for one Charge(Km)
Max Wheel Load (KN)14.442.677.7110.4174221.4265.2

Features of Transfer Cart for Steel

  • Safety has been a paramount consideration in the design of trackless transfer trolley. It is equipped with sound and light alarm device and anti-collision device. In case transfer trolley encounters obstacles or pedestrians on its path, trolley will come to an immediate stop, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the surrounding environment.
  • In addition, trackless transfer trolley is equipped with an intelligent and fully automatic rapid charger, which improves the transport efficiency of transfer trolley and reduces the time consumption caused by charging. Steerable transfer trolley can be equipped with additional devices such as V-frame and lifting platforms to meet different load requirements and applications.
  • Electric transfer trolley features polyurethane wheels that are non-slip and abrasion-resistant, further enhancing safety. Trackless design also allows for free steering from side to side and even 360-degree in-situ rotation, providing excellent maneuverability and making it easy to navigate through tight spaces. This allows for faster and more efficient handling of materials in warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments.
  • The explosion-proof function of trackless transfer cars is also very strong. The use of battery power is a safe option for transport in hot locations, which is not only environmentally friendly and efficient but also eliminates sparks or heat sources, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

Custom Options for Material Handling

  1. Load capacity ranges from 2 to 500 tons. Whether you’re transporting small equipment or large machinery, this cart is built to handle it all.
  2. The table size of electric cart can be customized to your specifications (Length*Width*Height), ensuring that your material fits perfectly and securely. This feature allows for the safe and efficient transportation of your goods, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.
  3. You have the option to choose from polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, or mecanum wheels. Each type offers its own unique benefits, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your handling needs.

5 Ton Electric Transfer Cart Video

Trackless transfer carts with omnidirectional movement capability, precise control, and adaptability to various industries transport heavy loads across factory floors, warehouses, and assembly lines.

We also have rail transfer trolleys, and there are many ways to power them, including low-voltage rail power supply, cable drum power supply, cable drum power supply, and battery power supply. If you want to know more about rail electric transfer carts for industrial, you can read our other article –1,000 Ton Cable Powered Transfer Cart For Sale.

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