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Test run content of heavy rail transfer carts

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Heavy rail transfer carts system: high-quality lead-acid batteries, the service life of lead-acid batteries is almost twice that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Extend the service life of high-capacity batteries. Body painting of transfer carts: The body color of transfer carts can be selected by the user.


Preparation before transfer carts run:

  1. Turn off the power of the equipment and check the connecting parts of each transmission mechanism to check whether the connection is firm and whether the structure is deformed. Check whether there are obstacles on the transfer carts and remove them in time. The electrical system should be checked to check whether there is a problem with the components, whether the circuit connection is normal, whether the switch action is flexible and reliable, etc.
  2. No-load test operation is to test the car under no-load to check its flexibility and other aspects, whether it meets the design requirements and whether everything is normal.
  3. Static load test
  4. Gradually increase the load from small to large, and observe whether there is any abnormality.
  5. Dynamic load test
  6. A test run for more than 1 hour was carried out under the rated dynamic load to observe whether there is any abnormality.


The types of rail transfer cars usually mainly include ordinary electric transfer carts, battery powered transfer carts, heavy-duty electric transfer carts, and horizontal electric flat cars, so there are many types. The crawler grader has the ability to climb. There are no restrictions on working hours and driving distances for transfer carts. Not suitable for rainy days. Rail transfer carts are light and easy to operate. For short-distance and frequent cargo loading and unloading, rail transfer carts are the first choice. Compared with other series of electric transfer carts, the transfer carts have the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large carrying capacity, and convenient maintenance.

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