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How To Install Track Of Electric Transfer Cart

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The installation of electric transfer cart tracks effectively solves the transportation problems of enterprises, saving a considerable amount of labor, materials, and financial resources, while also reducing the risk factor and increasing production efficiency, thereby bringing more economic benefits. Based on the unique working principle of rail electric transfer cart, the installation requirements of the electric transfer cart track are different from those of ordinary rail installation. It requires that the tracks between electric transfer carts must be insulated from each other to achieve a certain resistance value.

What is Rail Electric Transfer Cart 

A rail electric transfer cart is a type of material handling equipment to transport heavy loads or materials along a fixed track system in industrial settings. These carts are powered by electricity and can be used to move materials within a factory, warehouse, or other industrial facility. They are typically equipped with wheels that run along the track system, allowing them to move in a straight line or along a curved path as needed. Rail electric transfer carts are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and steel production, where the transportation of heavy materials is required.

Technical Features of Electric Transfer Cart Track Installation

(1) In response to the insulation requirements of the electric transfer cart track, this project adopts sulfur immersion insulation treatment for the bolts and adds insulation elastic pads under the rail pressure plates, effectively increasing the insulation resistance value between the tracks.

(2) Due to the rusting of the rails and the complexity of the environment between the tracks, the resistance values measured by instruments such as electric meters are often not the true resistance values. In practice, Perfect Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. uses an electric welding machine to conduct resistance value testing experiments.

Process and Operation Points

First, remove the loose concrete and stones around the equipment base reserved holes and the electric transfer cart.

Then clean the debris in the reserved holes.

Finally, use a small blower to clean the holes. If there are exposed steel bars in the reserved holes, they should be treated in time to ensure that the steel bars do not come into contact with the embedded bolts. The installation of electric transfer cart bolts:

(1) Bolt insulation treatment: To ensure that the bolts are insulated when wet, the bolts should be treated with sulfur immersion, that is, after the sulfur is melted, the lower part of the bolt thread is immersed in sulfur, and then taken out to dry.

(2) The specific method of bolt installation is as follows:

① The oil stains and rust on the anchor bolts must be cleaned.

② After the bolts are inserted, the installation standards such as leveling and top degree should be corrected, and customized installation standards that meet the actual site conditions of the customer will be provided.

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