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Steerable Transfer Cart Top 5 Common Problems Analyzed

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Steerable transfer cart, also known as trackless transfer cart, is a common material handling solution for daily production and transportation. If not operated properly, it can create some problems that affect the normal work. The following is a summary of some problems you may encounter in daily use:

Battery Issues

  1. Battery aging: As trackless transfer cart is used for a long time, the internal capacity of its battery will continue to decrease, and the charging and discharging capabilities will weaken, which also leads to the slowing down of the driving speed of electric flat car.
  2. Battery undercharge: Usually, the generation of this kind of problem in heavy load transporters may be caused by charger failure or the problem of the battery itself. Users should regularly check whether the charger is working properly. If the charger is normal, the battery needs to be replaced.
  3. Battery damage: Over-discharge, over-charge, short circuit, and other reasons may also cause motorized trolley’s battery to be damaged, resulting in a shortened battery life or even scrapping. If the battery is seriously damaged, it is recommended that the user replace the battery with a new one in time.
Electric Trackless Flat Carts in Industrial Applications

Motor Issues

  1. Motor failure: Short circuit of the motor’s internal coil, bearing wear, gear slippage, etc. may cause the motor to malfunction, thus affecting the operation of trackless trolley. The solution is to check the internal circuit of the motor, replace the worn bearings, and adjust the gear position to make it in the correct working state.
  2. Motor overheating: Steerable transfer trolley with high load for a long time, as well as the influence of temperature, poor heat dissipation, and other reasons. Users can check whether the motor is overloaded, and clean up the dust and debris around the motor to ensure that the motor is well-cooled.

Controller Issues

  1. Controller damage: It may be caused by overload, overheating, short circuits, etc. If the controller is seriously damaged, it is recommended that the user replace it with a new one.
  2. Controller program error: It may be caused by program writing errors or virus infection. Users can contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel to repair or upgrade the program.

20 Ton Steerable Transfer Cart Video

Battery driven steerable transfer cart can be customized load capacity according to your needs. You can choose polyurethane solid wheels, rubber wheels, or mecanum wheels.

Brake Issues

Brake failure: This will cause material transfer cart to fail to stop properly or drive abnormally. Troubleshooting methods include checking whether the brake pads are severely worn, whether the brake lines are loose or broken, and whether the brakes are adjusted properly.

Other Issues

  1. Insufficient wheel pressure: This will increase the friction between the wheel and the ground, thus affecting the speed of trackless transfer trolley. The solution is to check the wheel pressure and make sure it is within the normal range.
  2. Wheels fall off: Due to overloading, bad road conditions, and motorized cart structure, wheels can easily fall off. The solution is to ensure that electric transfer material trolley is not overloaded, choose a good driving route, and regularly inspect and maintain transfer cart to prevent wheels from falling off.

To keep battery powered transfer cart in good condition, it is recommended that users regularly maintain and service key components such as batteries, motors, and controllers, avoid overloading, choose appropriate running routes, and follow correct charging and usage methods.

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