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How to add hydraulic device to battery transfer carts?

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Battery transfer cart is an electric flat car, which supplies power from the battery to the DC traction motor, sends commands through the remote control, and runs under the control of the electrical system. Due to the higher safety and flexibility of battery-track flat cars, they are favored by customers. However, the size and shape of the workbench of the battery transfer cart often need to be designed according to the actual needs of the customer, such as V-frame tabletops, pulley racks, iron long-handled iron tables, and other different forms. Some customers need battery transfer carts. The truck has a workbench. The lifting function requires the application of hydraulic devices to complete this function.

The general hydraulic device is mainly composed of a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic cylinder. When choosing a hydraulic device, you need to consider the motor power, current, voltage and control voltage of the hydraulic pump station. Whether the speed of the hydraulic cylinder is adjustable, whether the pressure needs to be maintained; or the length, width, and height of the installation space. The main components of the hydraulic pump station are the electric motor, oil pump, electromagnetic directional valve, flow control valve, safety valve, buffer valve, oil suction filter, oil return filter, air filter, oil tank, etc. The actual selection of hydraulic cylinders needs to consider the cylinder diameter, outer diameter, rod diameter, stroke, flange installation form, etc. of the hydraulic cylinder according to the load of the battery transfer cart.

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