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Transfer Cart

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Revolutionize your material handling operations with our innovative transfer carts – versatile, efficient, and designed to optimize your workflow.
Whether you need to transport heavy loads or maneuver through tight spaces, our transfer carts offer the perfect solution for your unique needs. Trust in our expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to streamline your material handling processes and take your business to the next level.

Transfer Cars With Different Tracks

Rail Transfer Cart
S Rail Transfer Cart
Trackless Transfer Cart

Perfect Transfer Cart With Different Power Supply

Battery Powered Transfer VehicleBusbar Powered Transfer CartsCable Reel Transfer CartLow Voltage Rail Powered Transfer Cart_Manual Transfer Cart
Battery Powered Transfer CartBusbar Powered Transfer CartCable Powered Transfer CartRail Powered Transfer CartManual Transfer Cart
Transfer Cart With Different Power Supply

Warehouse Transfer Cart With Different Additional Functions

Turntable Transfer CartHydraulic Lifting Transfer CartHigh-Temperature Resistant Transfer CartTransfer Cart With Roll-Over FunctionClimbing Transfer Cart
Turntable Transfer CartHydraulic Lifting Transfer CartHigh-Temperature Resistant Transfer CartTransfer Cart With Roll-Over FunctionClimbing Transfer Cart
Warehouse Transfer Cart Types

Transfer Vehicles For Different Applications

Handling vehicles can play an important role in different fields, carrying a large number of heavy objects, according to different foreheads to handle heavy objects, customizing different table shapes, according to the most commonly used application fields and the shape of the handling object, several more special handling objects, with exclusive naming, such as:

Coil Transfer Cart for CoilDie Transfer CartMold Transfer CartBillet Transfer CartLadle Transfer Cart
Coil Transfer CartDie Transfer CartMold Transfer CartBillet Transfer CartLadle Transfer Cart
Transfer Carts for Application

Transfer Cart Custom

Our custom transfer carts offer the ultimate solution for your material handling needs. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life and elevate your operations to new heights.

1. Dimensions: Our transfer cart can be customized to specific dimensions to fit within your workspace and accommodate the size of your loads.

2. Capacity: Transfer cart that is customized to handle heavier loads 1-500 ton

3. Power source: BATTERY/ ELECTRIC / CABLE REEL / LOW VOLTAGE / BUSBAR / NO POWERED OR based on your operating environment or industry standards.

4. Control system: Remote control or automated system.

5. Safety features: Sensors or alarms

Trackless Warehouse Transfer Cart 20 Tons

Transfer Cart Safety Device

1. Stop device in case of people. The induction device of the transfer cart can sense nearby obstacles within a certain range during the operation of the transfer vehicle, and stop immediately when encountering obstacles, which can effectively protect the personal safety of staff.

2. Limit limit device. For the transfer cart with rail, a protective device is installed to keep the transfer cart running stably on the track, which can effectively prevent the end of the electric flat car from deviating from the track.

3. Sound and light alarm device. During the operation of each transfer vehicle, there will be a warning bell continuous reminder, which can warn the nearby personnel at the operation site to pay attention to safety and maintain a safe distance.

4. Anti-collision buffer device. The transfer car is surrounded by anti-collision cushioning devices to help cushion in emergency situations and effectively avoid damage to the car’s body.

5. Emergency stop button. The emergency stop button ensures that the transfer cart can help the transfer cart to stop urgently in case of an emergency.

6. The onboard control box of all transfer carts is equipped with a power main switch and an emergency stop button, which is a double guarantee to escort the safety of the transfer site.

7. The entire electrical control system of the transfer vehicle is also equipped with power distribution protection, short circuit protection, ultra-large current protection, low voltage protection, zero protection, and other protective measures to ensure the circuit safety of the vehicle and the safety of the operator.

8. The whole vehicle has safety signs and reminders, warmly reminding nearby personnel to ensure that the operation and control of the transfer vehicle are safer and more reliable.

Transfer Carts Manufacturer Quality Assurance

Here are several factors that contribute to the overall quality of transfer carts:

Materials: Heavy-duty steel, can withstand wear and tear, ensuring the carts last for years to come.

Design: Transfer cart design optimized for efficient and safe operation helps reduce the likelihood of accidents while also improving workflow and productivity.

Manufacturing standards: Transfer carts are manufactured according to high ISO standards to avoid defects or problems.

Quality control: Thorough quality control measures, inspection of each component and testing of completed carts to verify performance ensure that each transfer cart meets the specified standards before it leaves the factory.

Warranty: Warranty service is provided to ensure that the transfer cart will perform as expected.

Transfer Carts Manufacturer Price

The price of a “Transfer cart” depends on a number of factors, including model, size, load capacity, drive method, and manufacturing materials. As a result, the price range will also vary. Generally speaking, the price of a traditional hand-pushed or manually operated “transfer cart” may range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while the price of an electric or driverless “transfer cart” may range from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars.

Transfer Carts Packing

For export transfer carts, the body and accessories of the transfer cart will be packed according to customer requirements or company standards, and transported to the port after being transported to the container for transportation.

The whole cart will be packed with tarps, other parts will be packed in glued boxes, and other packaging will be packed according to the specific size of the cart.

  • The body width of the transfer cart is < 2.2 meters, the length < 5.8 meters and 20ft containers are optional;
  • The body width of the transfer cart < 2.2 meters, the length < 5.8 meters, the 2.2 meters< the height < 2.5 meters, and the optional 20ft open top box;
  • The width of the car < 2.2 meters, the length < 11.5 meters, 40ft container is optional;
  • The width of the car < 2.2 meters, the length < 11.5 meters, 2.2 meters< height < 2.5 meters, 40ft container is optional;
  • The width of the car is < 3.5 meters, the length < 5.8 meters and the 20ft frame box is available;
  • The width of the car is < 3.5 meters, and the length < 11.5 meters, you can consider the 40ft frame box。

If the width of the transfer cart body is> 4 meters, you can consider dismantling and loading the cabinet on the premise of communicating with the customer.

Transfer Vehicle Delivery

Delivery lead times for transfer carts will vary depending on the type, size, and quantity of the product required.

  • if purchased from stock, delivery can usually be made within 14 days of the order being placed.
  • If it is customized, the delivery lead time will vary depending on the size of the product customized and the difficulty of the customization and may take several weeks or months.
  • The exact delivery time can be determined directly at the time of d customization.

After-sales Service of Transfer Carts

Customers who purchase a warehouse transfer cart can expect the following after-sales services:

Technical support: Any problems with the transfer truck, such as malfunctions or failures. Our technical team will respond quickly and provide a solution.

Maintenance and repair services: Scheduled reminders for maintenance and repair services to ensure the life and safe operation of the transfer vehicle.

Replacement parts: Due to wear and tear, replacement parts are required. We can provide replacement parts or assist in contacting an authorized dealer or supplier.

Training: Remote training is available or instructional materials are provided to ensure customers are able to operate their transfer trucks safely and efficiently.

Warranty: 2-year warranty.

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