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Rail Transfer Carts – Material Transfer Trolley Solution

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Rail transfer cart is a material handling solution used to move materials such as raw materials, finished goods, equipment, and machinery in factories and work sites. it usually runs on tracks embedded in the floor or attached to the ground. So it is also called rail transfer trolley, rail cart, rail trolley, rail transfer car, and transfer trolley. For a unique working environment, your transfer cart from PERFECT manufacturer can be customized with several functions, which are V-shaped frames, U-shaped frames, adjustable height, hydraulic lifting, remote control operation, etc. Compared with trackless transfer cart (no rail or track), rail transfer cart is a more economical way to transport heavy load materials. If you are finding one reliable and affordable industrial material cart, rail transfer cart PERFECT manufacturer is a better choice. For a variety of power supplies and applications, you can be provided with several useful options. In the following text, you can choose one rail transfer cart for your working solution needs.

Three Power Transfer Cart On Rail

Advantages Of Rail Transfer Trolley

  • Heavy load capacity: Can be designed to transport heavy duty.
  • Safe: Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
  • Efficient: Transport heavy loads quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime.
  • Cost-effective: Low cost and can be operated by a single person to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency for cost savings.
  • Customizable: Customed V-shaped frame or U-shaped frame, Lifting, Positioning accuracy, Scanning radar, Roller support. Ultra-low table, Anti rollover, etc.

Types Of Rail Transfer Trolley

Rail transfer trolley is designed to transport materials handling equipment on a fixed rail or track. Owing to the different power supplies, there are 5 types of rail transfer carts PERFECT provided, you can choose one for your unique handling solution.

Battery transfer cart: Battery powered rail transfer trolley is powered by a rechargeable battery, with minimum conservation conditions. which drives the electric motor to move the cart along the rails. Battery transfer carts are generally used in manufacturing installations, storages, and distribution centers to transport accouterments and finished goods between product lines, storehouse areas, and shipyards. They can also be used in outdoor settings similar to mining operations, anchorages, and dockyards. The size and weight and capacity load can be customized to meet specific material conditions. For PERFECT manufacturers, you can also get another Battery power trackless transfer cart for your materials handling solution.

One advantage of battery powered rail transfer carts is their capability to operate without a power source, making them more flexible and protean than carts that bear a constant electrical connection. They also offer a further environmentally friendly volition to carts powered by internal combustion machines.

Model: BXC

Warranty: 2 years

Capacity load: 1-500T

Table size: Customized

Power supply: Battery Power

Working time: 6-8h (Continuous)

Control mode: Button/Remote control

Ground clearance: 50mm/70mm

Rail Inner gauge: 1200-2000mm customized

Wheelbase: 1200-7000mm adjustable

Cable reel powered rail transfer cart is equipped with a cable reel, which supplies power to an electric motor that drives the cart’s wheels. Cart uses the AC380V cable to calculate the retractable string of the winding device on the trolley to realize the power force of the transfer trolley. The operating system is controlled by a low-voltage 36V power force. Transfer cart is designed to transport heavy loads within a facility over short distances, and the general operation distance is lower than 200m. 

For application, cable reel powered rail transfer cart is suitable for transferring heavy duty such as steel coils, roll, mold, and heavy machinery, etc. It is also suitable to operate in harsh surroundings, high-temperature surroundings, explosion-evidence surroundings, or areas with limited space. For PERFECT manufacturer, another cable powered trackless transfer cart is also suitable for mold workshop transport. For meeting specific handling solutions, some functions can be customized, including table size, capacity load, speed, control options and A hydraulic lifting system installed on the transfer trolley.

Main Feature:
Model: BJT
Warranty: 2 years
Capacity load: 1-500T
Platform size: Customized
Power supply: Cable reel
Running Speed: 0~25m/min
Wheelbase: 1200mm-7000mm
Control mode: Button/Remote control
Rail inner gauge: 1200mm-2000mm customized

Cable drum powered rail transfer cart: Cable drum powered rail transfer cart is used for transporting heavy loads over short distances. It generally consists of a flat platform that’s mounted on wheels or a rail system and is powered by a tow cable that’s attached to an external power source. The cable is placed in the center of the two tracks, and the operating system is controlled by a low-voltage 36V power force. Rail transfer cart can be equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, which is suitable for long-distance transportation in harsh, high-temperature, explosion-evidence, and other surroundings. The conditions for track laying aren’t high. The transfer wain can be used to transport a variety of heavy loads, similar to ministry, outfit, and accouterments. It’s frequently used in manufacturing installations, storages, and construction spots, where there’s a need to move heavy particulars snappily and efficiently over short distances.

Main Feature:
Model: BTL
Warranty: 2 years
Capacity load: 1-500T
Platform size: Customized
Power supply: Cable towing line
Running Speed: 0~25m/min
Control mode: Remote control /PLC
Running distance: ≤50m

Busbar powered rail transfer cart operates on a set of rails and is powered by a busbar, which is an electrical conductor that is used to distribute power to the cart. The busbar is mounted along the rails and supplies power to the cart through a set of brushes or collectors. It is suitable for long-distance heavy duty transportation, applications with obstacles, and changing altitudes.

Compared with cable reel powered rail transfer cart and cable towing line powered rail transfer cart, these three types of electric motorized transfer cart have a common feature the 380V three-phase AC power supply is directly introduced into the trolley to drive the motor making it work, the operation and control system of the cart all adopt 36V power supply control. The main difference is the different power supply methods.

Main Feature
Model: BHX
Warranty: 2 years
Capacity load: 1-500T
Table size: Customized
Power supply: Busbar power
Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
Running distance: No limit
Control mode: Remote control /PLC option

Low voltage rail powered transfer cart is either ground-mounted or powered by a low-pressure rail system bedded in the bottom, furnishing a safe and effective means of transporting accouterments. Low voltage rail transfer cart is frequently used in manufacturing shops, storages and assembly lines to move accouterments from one position to another. It’s especially useful for installations that constantly need to move heavy loads, as it reduces the threat of worker injury while adding effectiveness and productivity.

Main Feature
Model: BDG
Warranty: 2 years
Capacity load: 1-500T
Table size: Customized
Power supply: Low voltage rail
Control mode: Remote control
Rail type: 3 rail (1-500 t adjustable) /2 rail(Load capacity ≤50t)

Transfer Trolley System

Rail Transfer trolley system from PERFECT manufacturer is an essential material handling equipment that can efficiently move heavy loads, Except 5 different power supply rail transfer cart, PERFECT also provide:

RGV rail transfer cart that is operated by wireless and issued instructions with scanning radar that will stop immediately to avoid collision when encountering people or obstacles.

Electric turntable rail transfer cart is a good helper in the turn of a rail cart, which is applicable to the circular track of the production line, and cross-track occasions.

Track inspection cart is easy to operate to check the safety of high-rail and subway rail, where 2-4 people can sit. And it is light and easy to carry.

Coil Transfer Trolley

Coil transfer trolley is a technical material handling outfit designed to move large coils of material, similar to steel or aluminum, from one position to another within a manufacturing installation or storehouse area. The trolley generally consists of a frame with wheels or tracks that allow it to move along a designated path. The frame also includes a platform or cradle that’s specifically designed to securely hold and transport the coil.

Coil transfer trolleys have many sizes and capacities and can be customized to meet specific conditions grounded on the weight and size of the coil. Some trolleys are designed to operate manually, while others are powered by electricity or curvaceous systems. They can also be equipped with colorful safety features, similar to thickets or guards, to help with accidents and cover workers.

The main advantage of using a coil transfer trolley is that it simplifies the process of moving large coils, which can be delicate and time-consuming to handle manually. The trolley allows for safe and effective transportation of the coil, which can help to ameliorate productivity and reduce the threat of injuries or damage to the material. also, coil transfer trolleys can be used in a variety of diligence, including sword manufactories, automotive manufacturing, and essence fabrication, among others.

Rail Carts for Sale

Regarding rail transfer cart price, owing to the different power supplies and functional customization, you need to consider the following factors:

1, Capacity Load- To make sure that the trolley is capable of carrying the load.
2, Handling materials- Size and shape whether it is to design a frame or not.
3, Table size-Please provide the parameters of your needs
4, Power supply- Battery, Low-voltage rail, Busbar, Cable
5, Remote radio control- Choose imported or made in China
6, Automatic stop when detecting an obstacle or person-Optional or not
7, Incidental customization option-Frame.Roller.Rubber plate.Refractories. Lifting. Fixed-point stop. Climbing. Waterproof treatment. etc.

if you’re looking for rail transfer cart for your industrial transfer solution, you can contact PERFECT manufacturer who has 15 years of production experience, and more than 20 engineers who design the cart for our clients, and our clients are all satisfied with our transfer carts and service, and our clients have efficiently save costs and improved production efficiency.

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