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Rail Transfer Cart Customized for Stainless Steel Plant

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Rail Transfer Cart Customized for Stainless Steel Plant requirements design: dual-drive reducer and motor, with ladle bracket, slag baffle plate, climbing ladder on the car, safety railing around, power cable lead device, ladle crossing straddle frame material Q235-A, ladle crossing. The Transfer Cart wheels are forged. All welds shall be inspected after welding, and the thickness of the steel plate at the main part shall not be less than 20mm.

The motor and reducer of the ladle crossing carriage are connected by a coupling, and an electro-hydraulic brake is used for braking.

A mechanical buffer must be installed on the north side of the ladle passing straddle. In order to ensure the level of the site on the south side, the south side buffer of the ladle passing straddle cannot be set on the south side of the track. Party B shall consider the setting of the car body buffer on the car body when designing. On the north side, ground buffers are set between the tracks.

The ladle passing straddle is designed with a movable breathable seat brick processing platform (2800mm*2800mm), slag baffle (4000mm*4000mm), bale frame, boarding steps, and surrounding safety railings. Each ladle crosses the ground on the south side of the straddle. A movable skateboard handling platform is installed on the platform, the size of the platform (5000mm*4000mm), the height is determined according to the size of the ladle car, and the platform is equipped with safety railings and up and down inclined ladders.

Ladle burning oxygen pipeline and breathable brick test nitrogen pipeline are connected from the existing point valve box and are laid along with the medium pipe wrench to the slide processing platform through the hard pipe. On the processing platform, it is connected from the processing station and through the hose. Connect to the oxygen-burning lance and the venting brick processing position.

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