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Industrial Trackless Transfer Cart Shipping

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This site is the Industrial Trackless Transfer Cart, with a load capacity of 10T and a size of 4000*2200*550. The place of use is in the Henan Electric Department. The Trackless Transfer Cart in the workshop is mainly to transfer large open electrical appliances, isolating switches, and circuit breakers. The other is to carry out the high-voltage tests for individual electrical switches. Before the high-voltage test, a 30mm-thick high-strength insulating board material is laid on each car, and the insulating board is required to withstand the high-voltage test in the range of 145KV-1065KV. There are mounting holes for fixing the equipment on the table, which can make the equipment fixed and more stable during transportation.

battery series electric flat car
battery series electric flat car

The battery series electric transfer cart is a battery-powered electric transfer cart. They use DC traction motors. The electric transfer cart is equipped with batteries. There is a smart charger that matches the battery on the ground. The entire car relies on batteries to power the brushless DC traction motor. Through the electric control device, control the forward, backward, acceleration, deceleration, etc. of the DC brushless motor. Because it does not use cables, it is safe and reliable, not afraid of heat, not afraid of smashing, and will not hinder cross-transportation. It is easy to realize remote control and automation, which greatly facilitates the transportation and layout of the factory. Suitable for long-distance transportation.


The main configuration of the electric transfer cart: frame, motor, reducer, wheels, battery, charger, control box, etc.

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