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Rail guided Ladle Cart 120t for Foundry Plant

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Shandong Meide Group Linyi Co., Ltd. is a foundry metallurgical company. The transfer cart is mainly used for the transportation of molten steel. The transfer cart bears 5 tons, the temperature of the outer surface of the molten steel ladle is 120 tons, and the flat car table is equipped with refractory equipment. .The transfer cart adopts wireless remote control and wired handle, and the flat car positioning method adopts RFID positioning. There are a total of 6 stopping points, and the positioning accuracy is ±5mm. The communication adopts wireless communication to realize remote control and meet the requirements of automation.


The rail-guided ladle car is a transfer cart used to transport a specific high-temperature ladle. Due to the high temperature and safety, the requirements of the rail-guided ladle car body material, the transmission system, and the electrical control are quite different from those of the ordinary rail car. In order to prevent the splashing of molten steel or steel slag, the motor starts and stops at a slow speed to reduce inertia. In order to prevent the high-temperature radiation of the ladle, the inside of the rail-guided ladle car body is provided with heat-insulating material. In order to prevent the steel temperature from affecting the damage to the motor, Adopt double motor, one is damaged and the other can continue to work normally. The heavy-duty rail-guided ladle car, also known as the steel transfer cart. It is also an electric transfer cart specially developed by a steel mill to transport high-temperature ladle. Due to the high temperature of molten steel and steel slag, the use of ordinary transfer electric vehicles will cause a series of hazards. In order to avoid the accident of steel and steel slag splashing, causing burns to employees. Our company can customize the product to satisfy customers’ needs on the basis of guaranteeing the customer’s needs.

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