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I. Introduction

Importance of efficient material handling in industrial operations

The ultimate purpose of the enterprise material handling system is to reduce the handling cost under the premise of ensuring the normal production of the enterprise, to ensure that the enterprise products have sufficient competitiveness in the market. In modern enterprises, material handling costs generally account for about 20% to 30% of the total cost of products, and in the machinery industry, material handling costs are as high as 35% to 40%, therefore, reducing the operating costs of material handling systems is a way to improve corporate profits. In addition to reducing the operating costs of material handling, improving efficiency to meet the current high demand is another issue that deserves focused attention. Optimization of handling systems needs to meet the following guidelines:

-(1) Conveyorization of bulk material handling.
-(2) Seamless docking of material handling system (conveying materials without landing or loading or unloading as much as possible, direct conveying).
-(3) Reasonable, suitable and practical mechanization, automation and unmanned.
-(4) Material handling system equalized handling.
-(5) Material handling system within the handling equipment configuration rationalization (i.e., the system full capacity handling, to avoid the formation of functional islands in the system of certain equipment due to excess capacity, performance or lack of).
-(6) Gravimetric handling.
-(7) Maximum handling unitization (the handling unit should be as large as possible under the condition that the handling equipment allows).
-(8) The principle of maximum space utilization (in the storage system, space is used as much as possible to reduce the cost of land price).
-(9) Safety principle (an accident is the biggest cost waste).

Benefits of using material transfer trolley for material handling

The use of material transfer trolleys for material handling in the industry is the perfect solution to the problems of increasing efficiency, and productivity and eliminating the risk of human error in today’s fast-moving e-commerce world

(1) Support business growth
Factory automation is the solution for companies looking to grow and increase productivity. Intelligent material transfer trolleys are not only easier to implement and more widely used than ever before, but in many cases they have proven to actually help companies in the handling area to increase productivity and achieve an attractive return on investment.

(2) Improve the quality of work
Qualified warehouse workers are a challenge in industrial handling. Handling activities in warehouses are repetitive, demanding and stressful, requiring many movements over short or long distances. By introducing an industrial automation material transfer trolley in areas where work is repetitive, employees can be freed from these monotonous tasks and engage in other value-added activities, which will be more rewarding and open up new job opportunities. This will improve staff morale. material transfer trolley can also provide many career opportunities in the maintenance field.

(3) Cost reduction
The material transfer trolley, being the more intelligent handling equipment, reduces general and special staffing costs as they can work during the day, night and weekends. This facilitates just-in-time logistics operations, which in turn reduces costs and inventory levels. agv material transfer cart also helps create a more streamlined operation, allowing companies to reduce waste and increase the productivity of inventory leaving the warehouse.

In addition, electric material transfer carts can help companies reduce costs associated with accidental damage to facilities and staff, and health and safety costs. Damage to cargo and infrastructure as well as health and safety issues are also reduced as factory material transfer cart uses scanners and sensors to manipulate cargo with a high degree of accuracy.

(4) Reduce the risk of accidents

Due to the fast pace of work, operators can be at risk of accidents in the workplace, and handling equipment and people often cross-run, leaving a high potential for collisions and damage. heavy material transfer cart is designed with safety in mind. material transfer carts can replace manually operated forklifts, reducing the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. The electric material transfer cart is equipped with a safety scanner to continuously monitor its operating environment and avoid hazards. Once a potential hazard is detected, the material transfer cart will automatically stop to avoid collisions. Automated industrial handling tools that are not only more efficient but also safer.

(5) Companies seeking to make their operating sites more environmentally friendly can benefit greatly from the use of electric material transfer carts. Their efficiency and smooth ride help reduce waste and require less energy than traditional fuel sources.

In addition, advances in lithium battery technology allow the charging of the material transfer cart to be done automatically, and the battery itself saves 30% more energy than alternative power sources. Since the factory material transfer cart can be used at night and in total darkness, the cost of electricity and heating in the warehouse can also be reduced.

II. Material Transfer Cart

Flexibility of material transfer cart for material handling in various industries

The flexibility of the Material Transfer Cart is mainly reflected in the flexible operation of the cart itself and the flexibility of the handling scenarios to which it can be applied.
A railed Material Transfer Cart can also be used in the area of crossings where track gaps need to be crossed.
Battery Powered Material Transfer Cart is used in indoor and outdoor areas where a direct power supply is not available
Explosion-proof Material Transfer Trolley for use in paint booths and other harsh environments where power is not available
High-temperature factory material transfer cart for high-temperature and high-pressure production forge environments.
No matter what the handling scenario, what kind of power supply is available or not available, whether it is powered by batteries, the grid or via inverters. We have the right Material Transfer Cart solution for you.

Cost-saving benefits of material transfer cart

Reduced labor costs: Currently, labor costs are a large part of industrial costs. With the use of a material transfer cart, one person and one cart can complete most of the heavy lifting work, which greatly reduces the demand for labor and saves related costs.
Improve efficiency: The use of material transfer cart not only improves the speed and quantity of material transfer, but also greatly improves the efficiency of heavy material transfer, and at the same time can be used to complete a larger amount of work, which improves productivity.
Reduce material damage: factory material transfer cart is more stable compared to manual handling, and there is no other contact in the middle of transportation, so there is no additional collision or other phenomena that can cause damage to the material being transported.
Reduced maintenance costs: heavy material transfer cart is simple and easy to operate and maintain, no other maintenance operations are required except for the basic daily inspection of parts wear and tear.
and related costs such as vehicle maintenance.
Improving sustainability: The factory material transfer cart does not use fuel as a power source, has no polluting gas emissions and is environmentally compliant, helping companies not only to meet their environmental goals but also to save energy to a certain extent, achieve their sustainability goals and reduce costs associated with environmental compliance and waste management.

III. AGV Material Transfer Cart

Autonomous capabilities of AGV material transfer cart

AGV material transfer cart has the function of arbitrary movement in a two-dimensional plane, including straight line, horizontal line, diagonal line, any curve movement, in situ 360° and other forms of omnidirectional movement, manual remote control +0.1mm, automatic repeat positioning accuracy +0.5mm. the cart has been used in various industrial fields to achieve fast docking, safety, and efficiency.

Safety benefits of using AGV material transfer cart

1、High degree of automation: When a certain part of the production line needs auxiliary materials, the staff will send a request for replenishment, and the computer terminal will then send the request information to the AGV material transfer cart system, and the instruction will be finally accepted and executed by the heavy-duty AGV material transfer cart, which will send the auxiliary materials to the corresponding location.
2、Adapt to small space: AGV material transfer cart requires a much narrower aisle width than a traditional forklift. At the same time, for the free-running AGV material transfer cart, it is also possible to accurately load and unload goods from conveyors and other mobile equipment.
3, Special environment: heavy-duty AGV material transfer cart can be used in a relatively poor environment, point-to-point automatic transport operations in environments where personnel are not easily accessible so that workers are freed from the harsh environment and labor-intensive handling operations.
6、Good safety: AGV trolley’s guide path is very clear, while the human-driven vehicle, its driving path can not be known; compared with the heavy-duty AGV material transfer trolley greatly improves safety.
7、Predictability: The AGV cart will sound an alarm and stop automatically when it encounters an obstacle in its driving path, while the human-driven vehicle may make a mistake due to human thought factors.

IV. Electric Material Transfer Cart

Benefits of using electric material transfer cart

Improve productivity: electric material transfer cart improves the efficiency of material handling, more efficient and fast material handling, saves time and physical strength, and improves handling efficiency.
Reduce downtime: battery-powered electric material transfer cart can customize the battery capacity according to the working hours to ensure charging without delaying the handling work or provide replaceable backup batteries; the non-battery-powered transfer cart can start and stop with one key, stopping at any time to reduce the downtime of handling machinery and improve operational efficiency.

Improved safety: In addition to the general start-stop switch, the electric material transfer cart is additionally designed with safety features such as an emergency stop button, an automatic braking system and an audible and visual safety warning, greatly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during use.
Customizable: The various functions of the electric material transfer cart can be customized according to the actual needs of the handling site, such as platform lifting, precision parking, safety stop when encountering people, and other functions, not just in terms of handling capacity and the size of the cart.

Environmental benefits of electric material transfer cart

No carbon emission: electric material transfer cart does not have any exhaust emission, which is very friendly to the environment.
Low noise pollution: the handling truck uses battery or slip wire, tow cable for power supply, there is no diesel, gasoline and other engines, so the noise of the machinery is very small, the noise pollution between the industrial handling truck is very small, greatly improving the environment of the work shop.
Improving energy efficiency: Electric material transfer carts are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption and the costs associated with charging and maintaining the cart.
Improving sustainability: Electric material transfer vehicles help achieve more sustainable material handling operations, reducing environmental impact and helping companies meet their sustainability goals.

V. Factory Material Transfer Cart & Heavy Material Transfer Cart

Rugged design and heavy-duty capabilities of material transfer cart & heavy transfer cart
The factory material transfer cart can withstand a load safety test of not less than 120%.
The factory material transfer cart conforms to the JB/T6127-92 standard, which ensures the durability and long life of the frame structure.
The factory material transfer cart has a capacity of up to 1500 tons.
Factory transfer cart table has a large load capacity and is less deformed by weight.
The factory material transfer cart is easy to operate and requires no professional training of operators.

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