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Electric Transfer Trolleys In Bangladesh

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Electric transfer trolley from Perfect is also called electric transfer cart, battery operated transfer trolley, and battery power transfer cart, which is material handling equipment for transporting heavy loads (such as steel coils, die, pipe, plate, heavy machinery, and large equipment components) in the warehouse, facility and outdoor. Perfect electric transfer cart is also customized as your unique handling solution, so it is very suitable in the steel industry, automotive manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and shipyard.

Types of Electric Transfer Carts

There are several types of electric transfer carts from Perfect manufacturer, their supply is powered by battery (free of maintenance battery, lithium battery, explosion-proof battery, and anti-high temperature battery are available), such as automatic trackless transfer trolley, battery operated rail transfer cart, rail guided vehicle RGV, automatic guided vehicle. Rail transfer cart runs on a fixed track system and is typically used in scheduled route applications. Trackless transfer cart does not require a track system and is typically used in applications where routing can be changed. Guided vehicles use a combination track and guide system to ensure precise movement.

Automatic trackless transfer trolley

Compared to traditional conveyors and rail transfer carts, an automatic trackless transfer cart is no rail or track system, it can move freely within the facility and outdoors without any fixed infrastructure. Trackless carts are controlled remotely by one operator, enabling it to transfer heavy loads and avoid obstacles around a facility that is suitable for long-distance operation., and they can operate in a variety of different environments, including indoor and outdoor spaces. To suit your specific materials handling solution, PERFECT trackless carts can be equipped with robotic arms, a hydraulic lift, ultra low table, and other functional customization.

Versatility: Suitable for various environments, including indoor and outdoor high-temperature and explosion-proof environments. And it can run on a variety of surfaces including concrete, asphalt, and gravel.
Economic: Unlike rail carts and traditional forklifts and conveyors, it needs less cost, low maintenance, and less storage space.
Maneuverability: It is ideal for turning precisely in tight spaces or areas with limited access.
Flexibility: It can be customized to meet specific material handling requirements, like capacity load, table size, V-shape frame, robot arms, lifting, ultra low table, and power supply also can be customized (like cable trackless transfer cart).
Safety: it is equipped with a safety warning and automatic stop device when encountering obstacles and people


Battery rail transfer trolley

Battery rail transfer trolley is powered by battery and runs on rails that are usually embedded in the floor or ground. It is used in vertical tracks, L-shaped tracks, S-shaped tracks, curved tracks, explosives, and ferry occasions. PERFECT rail transfer cart can carry a very large capacity, between 1 ton and 500 tons, so it often transports materials such as steel bars, large castings, and heavy machinery components. About rail transfer trolley, PERFECT also provide other motorized transfer carts, including, cable power transfer trolley, busbar power transfer trolley, low voltage rail transfer trolley additional.

Feature of Battery rail transfer trolley
Battery-powered: It is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which makes it a convenient and flexible option for material handling solutions.
Customizable capacity: 1-500t customized
Safety features: Such as warning alarms, emergency stop buttons, and safety sensors to prevent collisions and keep workers safe.
Automated controls: Perfect battery rail transfer trolley is equipped with automation controls, including remote control, and programmable logic controller (PLC), these features make them easy to operate which can increase efficiency and reduce downtime.
Easy maintenance: It is designed with a simple and robust mechanical and electrical system that requires minimal maintenance.
Incidental tooling: Like V frame, U frame, Roller support, Roller, Rattling, Operating table, Rubber plate. Refractories.



Automatic guided vehicle uses the electromagnetic path-following system to follow predetermined paths or program instructions to move materials, products, or equipment in facilities or warehouses. Automatic vehicles do not require a driver in use and are powered by battery. It can be programmed to follow different routes, stop at specific locations, and perform tasks such as picking up or dropping off items at designated spots. PERFECT develops solutions for automated material handling systems in food, medical, steel and aluminum coils, metal fabrication plants, shipyards, and many more industries.

Feature Of AGV
1. Compared with the traditional electric transfer trolley, the AGV has added an intelligent guidance and control system.
2. It moves or stops on the designated moving line through tape guidance, an RFID card.
3. It can run freely: move forward and backward, turn left, turn right, and automatically lift.
4. AGV type includes pallet AGV, nonfood stacking AGV, and wide foot stacking AGV.
5. It mainly consists of a hydraulic lifting system, PLC control system, guidance system, alarm system, operating system, power supply, etc.



RGV rail guided vehicle and AGV are all automatic heavy load handling systems. RGV is an AGV that uses tracks to guide the path. Besides battery power supply, for RGV and AGV, PERFECT also provide low voltage rail and cable power guided vehicle.


Transfer Carts Video in Bangladesh

Our friend from Bangladesh ordered our busbar power transfer cart and cable transfer cart, and now has worked for his factory, which transported timber and steel coils. And his workers are very satisfied with our carts, which have helped improve transport efficiency and productivity. And we are also happy to help them.

Applications of electric transfer carts in Bangladesh
Electric transfer trolleys are widely used in Bangladesh for material handling in various industries. Here are a few common applications:
Steel industrial: Steel coil, steel pipe, steel plate, mold, molten iron, and ladle transportation.
Manufacturing: Material handling, parts delivery, and product transportation among machine shops, chemical plants, warehouses, and metallurgical plants.
Warehousing: Like pallets, coils, slabs, industrial pipes, crates, and other bulky items from one position to another.
Construction: Transport construction materials, including cement, steel, bricks, heavy equipment, and other building materials.
Ports and shipyards: Transport containers, machinery, and other equipment.

How Do Electric Trolleys Work

How Much Do Electric Trolleys Cost

The price of electric transfer trolleys depends on several factors, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Capacity load: from 1-500t, the larger the capacity, the more expensive trolley may be.

2. Power source: For battery, we have free of maintenance battery, lithium battery, explosion-proof battery, and anti-high temperature battery additional. And electric transfer trolley can be powered by batteries and connected to an electrical outlet and automatic charging additional, the price also varies on your different choices.

3. Table size: Larger custom cart sizes require more material to produce, so they can be more expensive,

4. Customization: Price may be higher if the cart is custom-made to meet specific requirements.

5. Dealer and manufacturer: Perfect Manufacturer provides factory prices for you, which can help you save more cost.

6. Additional features: The more features the trolley has, the more expensive it is likely to be, such as lifting, robot arms, scanning radar, ralling, operating table, etc.

Automated Guided Cart Manufacturers

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. Founded in 2003, it is a professional and experienced material handling equipment manufacturer in China. with 20 years of experience, now we have more than 20 engineers for transfer cart design. and we have got CE ISO SGS certificates. Our hot sale products include automatic trackless transfer cart, battery rail transfer cart, cable rail transfer cart, busbar power rail transfer cart, low volatiry rail transfer cart, track inspection vehicle, AGV, RGV, lift platform, trailer tow transfer cart, and rail turntable. Annual output of 1,600 transfer vehicles exported to more than 60 countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Bangladesh, Singapore, Chile, and Europe. USA, etc.

Our service


  1. Professional and warm communication in 24 hours for your inquiry.
  2. Deal with your unique and customized solutions.
  3. Show test video via Skype, WhatsApp, Email, WeChat, etc.
  4. Warmly welcome customers to visit.
  5. Flexible payment options.
  6. We prepare information before shipment.


  1. 2 years warranty, during the warranty, any quality problem, contact us, and we will send parts for free.
  2. You will receive an English manual for your transfer trolley, and you will be taught step by step.
  3. If you still need help, 24-hour technical support by phone, email or WhatsApp/Skype, our engineers will help you take control quickly.
  4. PERFECT engineers can provide repair services overseas.

Electric Transfer Cart Packaging And Transportation

PERFECT handling equipment manufacturer understands the need for reliable and efficient material handling solutions, which is why our industrial transfer trolleys are popular in Bangladesh. Our electric transfer trolleys are also characterized by their flexibility, safety features, and customizable options. At the same time, From PERFECT, you can also get several other material transfer carts, such as coil transfer trolley, die transfer trolley, ladle transfer cart, rail transfer carts with turntable, abrasive blast transfer trolley, etc. If you also find one for your handling solution, contact us today to deal with your inquiry.

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