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Steerable Transfer Cart For Sale

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1. What is the maximum weight capacity of the steerable transfer cart?

The maximum weight capacity of steerable transfer cart is 1500 tons, it can handle the weight of our heaviest equipment or materials. Perfect Transfer Cart Factory will match the sturdiness of the frame structure and the thickness of the steel plate to support the handling needs. steerable transfer cart is tested for safety factors before leaving the factory to ensure that the handling equipment can be safely and smoothly operated and maintained under any complex working conditions in the customer’s factory.

2. What safety features does the steerable transfer cart have?

Steerable transfer cart is equipped with many safety devices, both in terms of function and appearance of the accessories, to ensure the safety of our materials and workers in the process of transportation, such as emergency stop buttons, warning lights, and anti-collision sensors, to prevent accidents in the factory

  1. Stop devices when encountering people, can effectively protect the personal safety of staff.
  2. Limit limiting device, can effectively prevent the end of the steerable rebar transfer cart from the derailment.
  3. Sound and light alarm device can remind site personnel to pay attention to safety.
  4. Anti-collision cushioning device Anti-collision cushioning device helps to cushion in case of emergency, effectively avoiding damage to the car body.
  5. Emergency stop button in case of emergency, the emergency stop button can help to stop a flat car in an emergency.
  6. The control box is equipped with an emergency stop button, and a main power switch and the whole electrical control system is equipped with power distribution protection, short circuit protection, oversized current protection, low voltage protection, zero protection, emergency stop protection and safety signs, etc. These are equipped to make the operation and control of the flat car safer and more reliable.

3. How easily can the battery powered steerable transfer cart maneuver around our factory, including its ability to make turns and navigate tight spaces?

360° in-situ independent rotation for more space-saving driving;
All-round arbitrary movement, suitable for any complex working conditions and flexible transit;
It is widely used in various industries for transferring work without any space and environmental restrictions.
Wheels are also divided into rubber wheels and polyurethane solid wheels, two kinds, you can choose at will.
The wheel drive method is a mechanical structure integrating the drive motor drive reducer, steering motor and steering reducer in one, which is highly integrated and can realize synchronous operation, especially suitable for the occasion of large loads and high positioning accuracy.

4. Is the steerable transfer cart battery-powered or does it require an electrical connection, and what is the run time on a single charge?

The operating hours of the transfer cart are adjustable, especially for the battery-powered steerable transfer cart, the type, size and charging method of the battery can be customized according to the daily working hours and the expected distance to be carried, and a backup battery can be provided for quick replacement, thus ensuring normal working hours. And for the battery-powered transfer cart is equipped with fast-charging charging equipment, compared with ordinary charging equipment more efficient, saving time, and more time to ensure the efficiency of handling. General battery working hours are between 8-12 hours, but also according to the actual demand to increase the battery capacity, up to 24 hours.

5. Can the steerable AVG transfer cart be customized to meet our unique material handling requirements, such as the ability to add additional features or change the dimensions of the cart?

AGV is a relatively high degree of automation transfer cart, needs to customize the system according to the actual operating route, and operating requirements, his system includes several parts, lithium battery, human-machine interface, ground control cabinet, scanning radar, remote A/O site and other functions.
Steerable agv transfer cart supports multiple navigation modes (2D code, laser, SLAM), is internally equipped with an okay series core controller, built-in industrial grade WiFi client device, supports WiFi roaming and local mode; with laser safety sensor to make the safety level reach 99.9%, improve the safety and reliability of robot operation. Meet the handling needs of enterprise production, improve production efficiency and management level, and help enterprises to upgrade intelligently. Other special customized features require professional docking for mechanical designers to customize.

6. Is the steerable transfer cart durable enough to withstand the demands of our factory, and will it last for a long time?

The biggest feature of steerable transfer cart is simple operation, easy maintenance and long service life. Manufactured according to JB/T6172-2010 industry standard, the frame structure material is Q235-B, and the steel frame of steerable transfer cart is made of high-quality steel, with reasonable structural design and strong load-bearing capacity, which can reduce the self-weight of the structure as much as possible on the basis of ensuring the load-bearing strength. steerable transfer cart is equipped with the installation of a lifting hook. The steel structure of the frame is designed according to the principle of a crane, using the structure of section steel and steel plate, easy maintenance, easy disassembly, strong load-bearing capacity, long service life, small deformation of the table surface, can effectively ensure the flatness of the table steel plate, to ensure that the safety factor of the load is not less than 120%.

Frame welding weld bevel form size in line with the provisions of GB 985 and GB 986. Weld without cracks, porosity, arc pits and slag and other defects. Weld biting depth of not more than 0.5mm, the biting edge continuous length of not more than 100mm, the total length of the weld single side of the biting edge does not exceed 10% of the length of the weld, the weld on the slag and both sides of the spatter must be removed. The quality and inspection of the welds of the main structural parts are performed according to the equivalent requirements of the CPC2 weld quality level of EN15085 standard.

In addition to the solid structure of the transfer cart itself with long service life, proper maintenance can also make the performance of the steerable transfer cart more stable and longer service life.

7. What are the maintenance requirements for the steerable rebar transfer cart, including how often it needs to be serviced and what type of maintenance is required? what type of maintenance is required?

 (1) Full commissioning of the whole vehicle, check the electrical control lines for hidden faults and electrical connection lines for damage, if any, should be eliminated in situ.

 (2) Adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable.

 (3) Handlebar steering is reliable, whether there are handlebars and forks producing the phenomenon of mutual sliding.

 (4) battery-powered steerable rebar transfer cart, the need for regular inspection of the battery situation, for the use of lead-acid batteries powered by the battery to regularly check (once a month in summer, once every 2-3 months in winter) whether the battery level is below the mark, if the pole plate is exposed, we must promptly replenish distilled water.

 (5) The first use of the rear axle gearbox attention to add gear oil, after regular inspection of the rear axle gearbox for oil leakage, broken gasket, lack of lubricant phenomenon, timely replacement of the gasket, and supplemental lubricant.

 (6) Gearbox, motor sprocket, and chain regularly lubricated, such as serious wear should be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to affect the use.

 (7) The whole car bolts are regularly tightened once, and check for the loose, off phenomenon, appropriate on the anti-rust liquid, to avoid the screws rust caused by the raw period maintenance difficulties.

 (8) The whole car is clean, and sassafras test is clean.

8. How easy is the steerable rebar transfer cart to operate, including whether it requires specialized training or can be easily operated by anyone in the factory? factory?

Operation process of steerable rebar transfer cart
(1) Steerable rebar transfer cart start
Turning on the main power supply first;
Release of the emergency stop button in the second step;
Turning on the key switch in the third step;
Pressing the start button in the fourth step;
Immediate status: Brake release alarm operating.

(2) Steerable rebar transfer cart operation
Observe your surroundings and press the button in the direction of operation when you are sure it is safe to do so.
Immediate status: the vehicle is running in the expected direction.

(3) Steerable rebar transfer cart parking
Release the run button the vehicle slides freely to a stop, then press the stop button and the vehicle remains braked. Turn off the key switch and press the emergency stop button. Off duty or temporarily not using the vehicle must turn off the main power to ensure safety. Steerable rebar transfer cart Immediate status: parked and braked.

Safe operation of the steerable rebar transfer cart
Operators fully understand the technical performance and operation methods of the steerable rebar transfer cart. Only after passing the relevant training can they operate. The operator observes the following steerable rebar transfer cart safety code of practice:

(1) Not qualified personnel are not allowed to use the vehicle.
(2) Do not exceed the specifications, overload and off-load use of equipment.
(3) Start the vehicle before confirming that no one or other obstacles in the direction of the car running.
(4) always observe the status of the power supply (whether the power supply is out of phase, whether the battery power is sufficient).
(5) to understand the emergency stop switch and the location of the main power supply, the first time in case of emergency to turn it off.
(6) Be sure to disconnect the main power supply when stopping use and charging.

9. What is the cost of the steerable transfer cart, including any additional fees such as customization or shipping, and how does it fit within our budget?

Steerable transfer cart customization steps:

First, confirm the use of customers using steerable transfer cart, because in different industries, there are different functions and characteristics, even in the same industry, is not the same use, there are great differences in the structural requirements of the car.

Second, confirm the customer’s load requirements and appearance size requirements for the steerable transfer cart. This step is the key basis to calculate the strength and material of transfer cart frame.

Third, confirm the customer’s requirements for the running distance and running speed of the steerable transfer cart. This is the core basis for determining the best power supply method for the steerable transfer cart, calculating the reduction ratio and driving power.

Fourth, confirm the customer’s requirements for the track and gauge of the steerable transfer cart, etc.

Fifth. Understand the customer’s price budget range for the steerable transfer cart needs, the price range of the transfer cart is generally greater than $2000 or more, the actual price is quoted according to the actual customized features and dimensions.

Sixth, understand the customer’s other special requirements for steerable transfer cart.

The shipping cost of shipping, it needs to be seen according to the customer’s payment needs. The payment methods we support include price terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, C&F, DDU, and DDP.

10. Does the steerable transfer cart meet the specific material handling requirements of our industry, such as the need to move heavy equipment or materials in a particular way?

Steerable transfer cart is born to carry special industrial heavy materials, no matter what shape and state heavy industrial materials can be carried, the use of different occasions, and therefore derived from a variety of power supply methods and various functions of an intelligent electric flatbed truck, its power supply methods are mainly: battery power supply, cable power supply, low-voltage rail power supply, sliding wire power supply, winch traction, its various functions include: lifting, side tilting, table rotation, high-temperature resistance, uphill, turning, explosion-proof, automation PLC function and other functions, With the continuous development of the network, the interrelated network between transfer cart is also produced, such as the tandem and parallel work of multiple transfer carts. steerable transfer cart The cart is not only limited to carrying workpieces in a straight line at a fixed point, but more functions have to be developed to improve industrial efficiency.

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