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Four Wheels Steering Trackless Transfer Car

Model: BWP
Capacity load: 1-300 tons
Dimension size: Can be customed
Power supply: Battery
Charger function: Automatic charging
Battery maintenance: Free of maintenance
Turning type: Turning while driving with no stop
Radar control: 3-0.3m Automatic stop for obstacles

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Four wheel steering trackless transfer car is used to move dies, coils or materials between the pressroom and the die storage and maintenance area. Four-wheel steering trackless transfer car has the advantage of moving the entire length of the manufacturing facility, where dies that are moved by cranes are limited to the distance of the crane travel, or must be transferred from crane bay to crane bay. Our standard heavy duty design is controlled by a hand held push button controller with a small turning radius. More details about trackless transfer car, you can also read handling solutions article Trackless Transfer Cart and Steerable Transfer Cart For Sale

Wheels of Steering Trackless Transfer Car

Four wheel steering trackless transfer car wheels are LD. The LD wheel is a special wheel for cranes. It is hardened as a whole. The bearing adopts a wheel and a bearing. After the wheel is assembled, it can rotate flexibly. There are two types of single rim and double rim.

The LD Four wheel steering trackless motorized transfer car wheel bearing is inside the wheel. When the wheel rotates, the shaft does not move. The LD wheel is not suitable for large tonnage. The LD wheel cannot be used for magnetically coupled cable drums. The insulation sleeve wears relatively quickly, so it is rarely used. Electric flat car for low-voltage tracks. The corner box wheel group also uses crane-specific wheels. It uses one wheel and two bearing seats. The wheels are single rims. After 4 wheels and 2 drives are assembled, they can rotate flexibly. The corner box wheel has a simple structure and a high load factor, but it is troublesome to adjust the wheel, the wheel is independent, and maintenance and repair are more convenient.

Feature of Steering Trackless Transfer Car

  • Steering mechanism: A steering mechanism is a feature of a steering transfer cart that enables the user to direct the cart’s motion. Depending on the particular design of the cart, this mechanism may be either manual or automatic.
  • Load capacity: The weight capacity of steering transfer carts can change based on the unique needs of the customer. They are made to move huge loads. They can be made to carry loads weighing anywhere between 1 ton and 300 tons.
  • Durability: Steering transfer carts are composed of premium materials like steel and are designed to resist the rigors of industrial applications. They are made to function dependably for extended periods of time, even under challenging circumstances.
  • Customization: Steering transfer carts can be altered to meet the particular needs of the customer. The dimensions, weight capacity, steering system, and other components of the cart must be changed as a result.
  • Safety features: When building steering transfer carts, safety comes first. To guarantee the safety of operators and bystanders, they might be fitted with safety measures including emergency stop buttons, warning lights, and alarms.
  • Flexibility: Steering transfer carts are made to be adaptable to various settings and flexible. They are applicable to a variety of tasks, such as manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.
  • Maneuverability: Transfer carts with steering are made to be simple to move in small places. To allow operators to maneuver through constrained spaces, they can be fitted with features like short turning radiuses and customizable speed controls.
  • Power source: Different energy sources, such as battery and cable, can power steering transfer carts. The power source selected will depend on the customer’s individual requirements and the intended use of the cart.
  • Maintenance: Steering transfer carts are made to be simple to maintain and fix. To make maintenance and repair chores quick and simple, they can be fitted with features like easy access to important components and diagnostic systems.
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