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Coil Transfer Trolley With Turntable To Cambodia

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Parameters of Coil Transfer Trolley on Rail for Cambodia Case

  • China Manufacturer: Perfect
  • Load Capacity: 15 Ton
  • Set: 2
  • Power supply: Battery  
  • Transfer trolley design: Rail transfer cart
  • Incidental Tooling: V frame
  • Control system: Button control and remote control
  • Special requirements: Working with turntable
Rail Transfer Trolley for Coil Handling To Cambodia
Rail Transfer Trolley for Coil Handling To Cambodia

What is Coil Transfer Trolley

Coil transfer trolley from Perfect is specialized material handling equipment used in various industries, such as steel manufacturing, metal processing, and automotive, to transport heavy coils of metal or other materials within a facility. It is typically a wheeled platform or cart equipped with features like rollers, cradles, U-frames, or V-frames to securely hold and transport large and heavy coils from one location to another. At Perfect, coil transfer trolleys are powered by battery, cable, busbar, and rail, and their load capacity, table size, rail gauge, and incidental tooling can be customized. To explore additional varieties of heavy load transfer carts by Perfect, you can also refer to another article discussing Industrial Transfer Carts for Material Handling.

Rail Transfer Trolley for Coil Handling To Cambodia

Two sets of rail transfer trolleys had been sent to Cambodia to transport coils, as the video showed. Both two coil transfer carts are all 15t capacity, battery-operated, and to ensure precise positioning and efficient loading/unloading operations, our customer asked to install a turntable in his steel plant. In the video, you can see a working operating cart running on the rail by remote control.

Coil Transfer Trolley On Rail With Turntable To Cambodia

Other Types of Coil Transfer Trolley from Perfect Supplier

Types of Coil Transfer Trolley from Perfect Supplier
Types of Coil Transfer Trolley from Perfect Supplier

Coil Transfer Trolleys Offer Advantages over Manual Handling

  • Safety: They reduce the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting.
  • Efficiency: Trolleys speed up coil transportation, enhancing productivity.
  • Capacity: They can handle heavy coils that would be challenging for manual labor.
  • Control: Operators have precise control over coil positioning.
  • Damage prevention: Trolleys protect coils from damage during transport.
  • Versatility: They can be adapted for various coil sizes and materials.
  • Labor savings: Reduces labor costs and employee fatigue.
  • Consistency: Maintains product quality and workflow consistency.
  • Downtime reduction: Minimizes downtime between processing stages.
  • Cost-effective: Long-term savings outweigh initial investment.

In summary, coil transfer trolleys improve safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in coil handling.

What Sizes and Weights of Coils Can a Typical Trolley Handle

Depending on its design and specifications, a standard coil transfer trolley may have a different size and weight capacity. A normal coil transfer trolley, however, is usually capable of carrying a variety of coil diameters and weights. The following are some general principles:

  • Weight of the coil: At Perfect, coil transfer trolleys are frequently made to manage coils weighing anything from 1t to 500t. The construction of the trolley and its intended use will determine its precise weight capacity.
  • Coil diameter: Trolleys can hold coils of different diameters, usually ranging from a few inches to many feet. The design of the trolley may feature cradles or supports that are movable to safely handle coils of various sizes.
  • Coil width: A trolley’s capacity for different coil widths. Coils with widths varying from thin strips to several feet wide can commonly fit inside of them.
  • Coil length: Depending on the design and configuration of the trolley, coil transfer trolleys can transport coils of various lengths, from short coils to long ones.
  • Customizability: Coil transfer trolleys from Perfect are made to be quite adaptable. This indicates that, depending on the application, they can be adjusted or changed to handle coils of particular sizes and weights.

It’s crucial to note that industries and Perfect take into account the common coil sizes and weights they handle in their operations when choosing a coil transfer trolley. The characteristics of the trolley are then selected to meet these needs, ensuring secure and effective coil handling.

What Industries Frequently Employ Coil Transfer Trolleys

Many different industries that handle and process big coils of material frequently employ coil transfer carts. Coil transfer trolleys are frequently used in the following sectors:

  • Steel manufacturing: Steel mills move large steel coils across their facilities for different processing steps like rolling, cutting, and coiling using coil transfer trolleys.
  • Metal processing: To move coils to and from machining centers, presses, and other processing machinery, industries that work with metals like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel frequently use coil transfer trolleys.
  • Automotive: Coil transfer trolleys are used in automotive manufacturing facilities to handle coils of sheet metal that are turned into body panels and chassis parts for vehicles.
  • Appliance manufacturing: Companies that manufacture goods like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners utilize coil transfer trolleys to move sheet metal coils during production.
  • Construction: In the construction sector, coils of the reinforcing steel bars (rebar) used in concrete structures are handled using coil transfer trolleys.
  • Paper and Printing: Coil transfer trolleys are often used in paper and printing facilities to transport paper rolls and printing plates.
  • Textile: Coil transfer trolleys are commonly used in textile mills and other production facilities to move rolls of fabric.
  • Heavy machinery: Businesses that produce heavy gear, such as cranes and construction equipment, employ coil transfer trolleys to transport steel coils for component manufacturing.
  • Aerospace: Coil transfer trolleys may be used in aerospace manufacturing facilities to transport substantial coils of aluminum or other metals needed for aircraft construction.
  • Energy and power: To handle coils of electrical conductors, cables, and other materials, coil transfer trolleys are used in power plants and energy generation facilities.

These sectors depend on coil transfer trolleys to optimize their material handling procedures, boost productivity, and guarantee the secure transportation of heavy, clumsy coils, which are crucial parts of their manufacturing and production processes.

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