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Battery Power Abrasive Blasting Rail Transfer Cart

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  • Load capacity: 40t
  • Rail model: P38    
  • Motor power: 4Kw kW
  • Wheel diameter: 500mm   
  • Table size: 5000*2500*700mm
  • Running speed: 0–30 m/min
  • Cart color: medium yellow
  • Power supply mode: Explosion-proof battery
  • Operation mode: Button control and Remote control

Abrasive blasting rail transfer cart for the paint spraying room produced by Perfect Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer has explosion-proof treatment for its electric control box and motor, which can effectively ensure safe operation in production. In order to achieve zero failure rate products, the protection standards of each series are the highest level, and double protection, double insurance.

Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd., located in Beijing, ordered a 40t electric platform cart from Perfect on November 14, 2021. This company specializes in tailor-made environmental protection and air purification equipment for factories and enterprises of all sizes, including spray booths, furniture spray booths, dust-free spray booths, environmental protection spray booths, telescopic mobile spray booths, coating lines, spray drying spray booths, and activated carbon waste gas purifiers.

40t battery rail transfer cart is mainly used for spraying tubular workpieces in the paint spraying room. An adjustable roller frame is installed on the platform of rail transfer cart to ensure that the workpiece is evenly painted and achieves the best effect. After electric platform cart is sprayed, it enters the next link: drying, After the process is completed, the workpiece is transported to the warehouse.

Battery rail transfer cart with explosion-proof features will primarily address the following technological services:

  • 1. Climbing 5 degrees: There is a 5-degree slope within a distance of 3 meters. To avoid wheel slippage, it is necessary to accurately calculate the friction coefficient of the flat car and the motor power configuration;
  • 2. After sensing, rail transfer cart decelerates slowly. This function is combined with the deployment of the electronic control system and the detection function. After driving to the end, it will automatically sense, and then cart will stop slowly.

At present, Abrasive blasting rail transfer cart has been used for more than one year. During the after-sales return visit and investigation, the user fully affirmed the performance of the rail transfer cart.

The zero-failure rate target in 2021 will reach 99.8%. With the continuous upgrading of processes and configurations, product performance will be more stable and on par with 100% zero-failure. Perfect provides customers with services: 24-hour after-sales service, everything obeys the market, everything serves customers, and everything satisfies consumers. For details, please consult: WhatsApp: +86 19337383023 and email us at market@perfte.com.

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