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Manual Flatbed Trolley

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Manual flatbed trucks, as the name implies, are flatbed trucks that do not need to be powered by electricity. Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures electric flatbed trucks. Few people know that Perfect also partially manufactures manual flatbed trucks. Electric flatbed trucks are suitable for modern rapid production mode. Compared with electric flatbed trucks, manual flatbed trucks give a clumsy and laborious impression. Therefore, manual flatbed vehicles are more common in lightweight and small trolleys.

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on electric flatbed trucks and prefers heavy-duty handling equipment. Although it mainly focuses on electric flat cars, some of them are manual transfer cars. A manual flatbed truck is a flatbed truck that does not require driving force and is used by manpower or other traction.

There are not many manual flatbeds in Henan Perfect’s family, mainly flatbed trailers and truck turntables. The trolley turntable can also be electric or manual. The track turntable can easily rotate the turntable through a long rod to achieve the effect of track docking. The flatbed trailer is purely relying on manpower or other traction to achieve the purpose of driving. There is a tow bar on the front of the flatbed trailer, which is convenient for pushing or towing. The trackless flatbed trailer can use rubber solid wheels, which have a strong weighing capacity and low friction, which is more convenient to push. The tracked flatbed trailer can use steel rails or polyurethane-coated wheels.

The manual flatbed trailer is simple in structure, easy to maintain and use, and its cost is cheaper. It is also possible to add guardrails to the table. This kind of non-powered flatbed trailer can be seen in railway stations, high-speed railway stations, and other places.

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