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Heavy Load RGV Electric Transfer Cart-30t

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Perfect provided Thailand with a Battery-powered Heavy Load RGV Electric Transfer Cart, suitable for transporting 30 tons of materials in the paint room. This Heavy Load RGV Electric Transfer Cart is designed to lift loads placed on certain supports and bring them into Spray the room, place it on other supports, and then leave the room.

In fact, the battery-powered platform has a bootstrapping function. Because some hydraulic cylinders are placed in the frame, the loading platform can be raised by 200 mm.

Since work must be done in a spray booth, the entire periphery of the operating platform is fully protected by suitable rubber, steel and glass coverings. In addition, it is also equipped with rubber wheels. The size of the rubber wheels ensures that the trolley can travel on the grille floor even under full load.

Another important feature of this trolley driven by an AC motor is its small turning radius. In fact, the front wheel can rotate 90° in both directions, so the trolley can rotate around the center of the rear axle to ensure a small turning radius. The electric platform can be controlled by remote control with a potentiometer to achieve very smooth acceleration and complete speed control. It is important to highlight how the Perfect trolley has always been one of the most important and critical machines in the manufacturing plant. Indeed, they usually buy for a specific job. Once operators start to use them, they will understand their high flexibility in handling materials around the factory and begin to use them frequently for many different tasks, which reduces material handling time and indirect working time.

Perfect produce these battery transportation platforms for Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, and Latin America. The battery carts we produce can be customized according to customer requirements, even if they have different designs.

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