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Application Fields Of Trackless Turning Transfer Cart

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The trackless turning transfer cart uses batteries as an energy source and uses a low-voltage direct current to power the transfer cart. These cars use DC motors, and the trackless turning transfer cart has a stable start, flexible and flexible. The use frequency of flatbed vehicles is low and the use time is limited. The trackless electric transfer cart is a kind of transportation tool, powered by a battery and driven by an electric motor to pull goods or people. Electricity is an important energy source with environmental protection, cleanliness, and a high conversion rate. Electricity is used to drive the renewal of transportation vehicles. Regeneration, promoting the low-carbon development of the transportation industry, reducing transportation costs, saving energy, and protecting the environment is one of the important research topics in countries all over the world. After decades of development, it has been used in urban public transportation and electric transportation in factories and mines. Electric city sanitation vehicles, engineering, tunnels, subway construction vehicles, and many other fields.

Due to a large number of equipment in the machining workshop and the complex placement of workpieces, the advantages of wireless power supply have made trackless turning transfer cart widely used in the machinery industry. Such as large bearings, track wheels, large turned parts, castings, forgings, etc. If the trolley is used to transport objects in the logistics system, you can use circulation lines, turning lines, vertical and horizontal tracks, automatic operation, fixed-point parking, etc. . It can increase the load capacity and fix the line. In the case of large-scale fixed transportation, the PLC can be programmed to make the trolley walk along a fixed route without manual operation, which greatly saves labor costs.

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