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Trackless Steel Coil Transfer Cart

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Trackless Steel Coil Transfer Cart is a kind of electric car specially used to carry steel coils in the workshop. In the steel pipe transportation industry, there is such a jingle: “Don’t pull the pipe when you die, starve to death, don’t pull the coil; the pipe breaks, and the coil breaks the shaft.” This jingle alone shows the danger of steel pipe transportation. The transportation risk is high, but not in foreign countries. That is because foreign countries use special vehicles for transporting steel coils, but in order to save costs, domestic trucks are still used to pull goods, which increases the risk of steel coil transportation. . Therefore, it is necessary to use special vehicles for handling steel coils.

Similarly, when handling materials such as steel coils in workshops, factories, etc., special handling equipment is also required. Trackless Steel Coil Transfer Cart produced by Henan Perfect is dedicated to handling steel pipes, coils, and other materials, which greatly reduces the risk of handling steel coils.

Trackless Steel Coil Transfer Cart is equipped with a detachable V-shaped seat frame or a roller seat frame on the basis of the electric transfer cart to fix steel coils, coils, and other similar materials to prevent them from starting or stopping during handling, Bumps and other behaviors affect the rolling and slipping of the steel coil on the transfer cart, causing unpredictable accidents under working conditions.

Trackless Steel Coil Transfer Cart can be customized to be made into a rail car, or a trolley car can be customized, which needs to be customized according to the user’s specific working conditions.

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