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Motorized Transfer Cart for Industrial

Motorized transfer cart is powerful and flexible. It is mainly used for transporting material in factory, warehouse, yard, construction site.

Load capacity: 1-300 Ton
Running Speed: 20-30m/min
Power supply: Battery/Busbar/Cable Reel
Material: heavy cement pipe, mild steel, thick slabs, slag pots, aluminum rolling, rollings forge piece, metal sheet, carbon steel pipe, pipes, big dies, die block, dies,

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Motorized Transfer Cart for Industrial Introduction:

Motorized Transfer Cart frame is of box beam construction. It has a large load capacity, long service life, and ensures a smooth platform. It is not easily deformed.

Motorized Transfer Cart cast steel wheels have the features of easy replacement, simple installation and large capacity.

Motorized Transfer Cart has a longer service life compared to ordinary batteries, and maintenance-free batteries do not require regular maintenance. It is safe, effective, stable and environmentally friendly.

Battery-powered Motorized Transfer Cart with intelligent charger can achieve fast charging and save power. No damage to the battery, which can extend the life of the battery.

Motorized Transfer Cart is flexible in response and can stop automatically when encountering obstacles, making operation safer.

Motorized Transfer Cart for Industrial Product Advantages:

  • High Level Automation
  • Capacity Reach To 500t
  • Robust Sturdy Car Frame
  • Remote Control And Hand Pendant Control
  • Speed Can Be Adjusted
  • Easy Operation And Maintenance
  • Guarantee The Quality
  • Prolong The Service Life

transfer cart parameter

Motorized Transfer Cart for Industrial Application:

Motorized Transfer Carts for Industrial are widely used in ring assembly line, warehouse transportation, workshop workpiece transportation, lathe transportation, mold transportation, steel plate distribution, building materials transportation and other metallurgical industry, machinery manufacturing, steel plant, construction, shipbuilding industry, petroleum, energy, chemical industry, railway, etc. Motorized Transfer Cart is divided into two parts.the platform transport is widely used in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, heavy industry manufacturing, mold manufacturing, steel plate distribution, building materials handling, etc.

transfer cart 1-300 ton application

transfer trolley vs


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