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Explosion Proof Heavy Duty Warehouse AGV Cart

Model: AGV
Capacity load: 5-500 tons
Dimension size: Can be customized
Power supply: Battery
Guide control: Magnetic strip
Running speed: 5-35m/min
Charging: Automatic/Manual
Security: Radar scanning+Emergency button+Edge switch double protection

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AGV automated heavy-duty warehouse cart is also called transfer robots. These transfer carts are equipped with electromagnetic or optical guidance devices, which can drive along prescribed guidance paths, and have safety protection functions and various load transfer functions. High efficiency and precise docking throughout the process, fully automated handling operations, and no need for staff to control or stare. The function of the AGV battery transfer trolley: AGV battery transfer cart is battery-based, it can directly control various behaviors through the computer so that the operation is more intelligent. Although the car’s power supply mode is battery-powered, the battery can continue to supply power for up to 6 hours when fully charged. Once the power supply is lower than the set minimum power reminder, the AGV battery transfer vehicle will perform automatic charging mode according to the program. For more details, you can read the handling solution article Automated Guided Vehicle For Sale.

AGV Transfer Trolley can move in the designated moving line or stops at the site by means of magnetic tape guidance, an RFID card. AGV Transfer Trolley can move forward or backward, turn left, turn right, and automatically lift to complete the materials conveying task. AGV Transfer Trolley’s type includes pallet AGV, wide foot stacking AGV, and nonfoot stacking AGV. It consists of a hydraulic lifting system, differential speed driving system, PLC control system, guidance system, communication system, alarming system, operation system, electrical power, etc. usually used to transport stack pallet type cargo. In a word, it is a programmable or wireless automated guided vehicle based on hydraulic lifting and a PLC control system.


Maybe you will have a consideration before buying a car, I recommend you our products to you strongly for the following reasons

Low noise
It’s powered by electric devices, so when you are operating it, you can’t feel much noise. It causes low noise level and gives workers a good working environment.

Maximum safety
We always try our best to make sure the safety of the operators and the material handled. We do care about the safety of everyone involved in the job.

Easy for operation
Our vehicles are easy to drive, so as soon as you get it you will be able to use it to transport your loads. We will support you to make the best by using our products.

Sales Service
We have full confidence and high responsibilities in our products. With quick quality information feedback system and technology service team, we can provide with high quality service for you. Our guarantee period is 12 months, after making sure the product is working well. During this period, we can repair, change the machine for you freely. After this period, we only charge cost price for you. We can also help you to fit, adjust the equipment till they work normally. We are striving for high quality for you all the way!

AGV With Rollers For Assembly Line Material Handling

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