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Heavy Duty Automatic Agv Transport System

Brand: Perfect
Model: AGV
Load capacity: 5-500T
Obstacle Detection
Electromagnetic guidance
Equipped with safety features
Can work 24/7 without breaks.
Can be customized and programmed

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Heavy Duty AGV Transport System Introduction

Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) is created to autonomously move and transport items or goods inside a controlled setting, like a warehouse, factory, or distribution center. AGVs can function without human input because they have sensors, navigational systems, and onboard computers. AGVs are essential to today’s industrial and intralogistics operations because they offer an adaptable and dependable method of automating the movement of materials. You can also read another solution article about Automatic Guided Vehicle.

Magnetic strips, floor tape, or laser guiding systems are routinely used to show the courses that AGVs are designed to go to. They can also detect and navigate through their environment using various navigational technologies such as vision systems, lidar, or RFID. Automatic Guided Vehicle can move a range of goods, including pallets, containers, and single objects. At Perfect, Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) is also a kind of AGV using orbit as a guidance path.

Automating material handling and logistics procedures with AGVs will decrease the demand for manual labor and increase productivity. They can transport things, pick up and drop off things, and even communicate with other automated systems like storage racks or conveyor belts.

Testing Video Of Automated Guided Vehicle For Steel Coil Handling

Heavy Duty AGV Application

We produce a wide range of AGV motorized transfer carts, railway-guided transfer carts, factory transport equipment, battery powered trolleys, intelligent self-propelled trolleys, die carts, industrial flat trailers, tilters, and lifting platforms that operate in many industrial fields: metallurgy, manufacture, oil, and gas, die shops, shipyards, chemical plants, automotive, mining industry, aerospace, power generation, coal industry, paper mills, metalworking, warehouses, and many other lines. We are sure to provide the product you want.

Heavy Duty AGV Transport System Parameter

Capacity load5t-500t Customized
DimensionsCan be customized
Carrier typePlatform type
Drive formSteering wheel drive
Guide controlMagnetic strip
Running speed5-35m/min
Working directionForward/Backward/Turn/Lifting/Straight arc driving
Communication methodIndustry WIFI
Power supplyLead-acid batteries/ lithium battery
Operation mode24 hours operation
Positioning accuracy±10mm
Stop accuracy±10mm
Safe induction range≤3m adjustable
Grade ability≤3%
Design life≥10years
Warning typeVoice alert+Light alarm
SecurityRadar scanning+Emergency button+Edge switch double protection
Parameter Of AGV

Safety Measures of Automatic Guided Vehicle

To maintain employee safety and avoid collisions, AGVs are fitted with safety measures. These qualities could consist of:

AGV utilize sensors to identify impediments in their path and steer clear of collisions.
AGV is equipped with the capacity to promptly interrupt operations in an emergency.
AGV can operate at a slower speed or cease altogether in designated zones to permit secure human interaction.
AGV has voice warnings and light alerts to warn personnel in the area of their existence.

Advancements in Automatic Guided Vehicle Technologies

As robotics, artificial intelligence, and sensor technologies develop, the field of AGVs also does so. Some noteworthy advancements include:

  • Swarm AGVs: In these systems, numerous AGVs collaborate in a controlled way to carry out challenging tasks.
  • Autonomous decision-making: As they develop in intelligence, AGVs will eventually be able to make decisions autonomously based on their surroundings and task demands.
  • AGVs are being incorporated into Industry 4.0 as a whole, where they communicate with other smart systems and devices via the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.
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