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Egyptian Customer Purchased Ten Battery Powered Rail Transfer Carts

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An Egyptian company purchased ten battery powered rail transfer carts and one trackless transfer cart from our company in August 2021. The company is the largest stone processing plant in Egypt. Customers use rail cars to transfer materials between different work stations, as well as between processing workshops and warehouses.

Battery powered rail transfer cart generates energy from the battery. The battery is installed in an electric flat car. The battery powers the DC traction motor. The remote control starts, stops, forwards, reverses and speeds. The electrical control system issues instructions to the DC motor to drive the electric flatbed truck to run.

Compared with AC motors, DC motors have the advantages of not burning easily, large starting torque, strong overload capacity, stable start and stop, and no jitter.

transfer cart safety config

Advantages of battery rail cars:

Battery powered rail transfer cart has low requirements on the crawler, suitable for frequent starting and stopping, and the driving distance is not limited. The failure rate of maintenance-free batteries, lithium batteries, explosion-proof batteries, and high temperature batteries is extremely low.


The customer entrusted a third party to inspect the factory before signing the contract. At the same time, the factory inspection was carried out after the goods were ready. He was very satisfied with the company’s products and said that if there is a new workshop construction, it will continue to purchase similar products.

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