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Double Direction Straight Line Steering Wheel Move Transfer Trolley


Model: BWP
Power supply: Battery
Capacity load: 1-300t customized
Running speed: 1-30m/min
Turning structure: Mechanical
Brake principle: Electric magnetic brake
Operation method: With wire or no wire
Ground balance: Mechanical automatic adjustment
Control system: Button control and remote control / PLC

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Double direction straight line steering wheel move transfer trolley uses lead-acid batteries as energy, control modules as the core control, operating handles and remote control or magnetic strip tracking on the ground as input means, load cargo on the table, and use the steering wheel to guide the direction and the fixed wheels jointly carry the weight, the original power is provided by the motor, the torque is amplified by the reducer and the power is provided to the fixed wheels, the LED sound and light alarm is used as the work and warning sign, and the intelligent charger is used as the external power input. With the combination of the above functions, the working capacity of the automated rail transfer truck is formed together.

Working environment

  1. Ambient temperature: -20℃-40℃
    Ambient humidity: relative humidity ≤70%
    Environmental PH: work in a neutral or near-neutral environment
    Connectivity continuity rate: 25%
    Air cleanliness: no corrosive floating objects, no flammable and explosive gas
    Worksite: (1) Slope: ≤2.8°
    Flatness: ±2cm/m
    Cleanliness: The site requires no visual garbage, no raised defects> 1cm, etc.
  2. Applicable to special environments such as flammable and explosive;
  3. Applicable to general occasions such as metallurgy, coal, electromechanical, heavy industry, shipbuilding, light industry, etc.

Customization Tooling

  • V frame
  • Roller support
  • Rubber plate
  • Aluminum pattern plate
  • Railing
  • Refractories
  • Damped buffer
  • Operating table
  • Wooden table
  • Hydraulic lifting
  • Robotic arms
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