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Rubber Wheel Platform Trolley for Plant

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This is a Rubber Wheel Platform Trolley for Plant with a load capacity of 40T and a size of 6500*4200*1200 (including lifting platform). It is used in the Second Construction Company of China Nuclear Industry in Huizhou, Guangdong. This trolley platform has a lifting function and the lifting stroke is 0-200mm, the water tank produced in the main transfer workshop (the water tank is used for cooling in the nuclear power plant, and the weight is 32T). Due to the excessive size of the water tank, there is no large tonnage crane in the workshop, and the trucks for transportation cannot enter the workshop for loading, This trolley has not only the function of transportation and transshipment but also the function of the crane, transporting the water tank out of the workshop for loading.

platform truck with a load capacity of 40T
platform truck with a load capacity of 40T

This series of transfer cars can be used on S-shaped rails, curved rails, inflammable and explosive, and ferrying occasions; battery-electric flat cars can pretend to be hydraulic lifting systems; flat cars DC motors have stable starting, large aerodynamic torque, and impact on the reducer It has the advantages of small size, low voltage, and long service life. Compared with KPJ and KPD series transfer carts, it has safety and excitement flexibility; its running distance is not limited, and the requirements for track laying are not high. It is suitable for the low frequency of use. Long-distance transportation occasions.

40T platform truck
40T platform truck

The battery needs regular maintenance, and the battery life is generally about 2.5 years, which limits the use time. Environmental protection and energy saving, low operating cost. Low investment and high rate of return. High performance, with great potential for high-tech sustainable development. Compared with rail powered transfer carts, battery-powered transfer carts have greater safety performance and maneuverability and can run on bends and turnouts, and the running distance is not limited.

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