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Mold Transfer Cart Customized

The die mold transport carts is a kind electrci operated material handling trolley designed for molds and dies stamping workshop dies and molds.
Load Capacity:1-500 Ton
Running Speed: 20-30m/min
Power Supply: Battery/Busbar/Cable Reel
Material: All kinds of molds, injection molds, dies, casting parts, mechanical semi-finished products, shaped heavy objects.

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Mold Transfer Cart Customized Introduction

The mold is hoisted to the transfer cart by a crane. In order to prevent the mold from sliding on the mold transfer cart, a rubber plate is laid on the table and the mold is transported to the corresponding station by the transfer cart.

Different Types Of Die Transfer Carts For Your Reference

Types OptioanlPower SupplyLoad CapacityDimensionRail Or Not
Battery Operated Mold Transfer CartBattery power1-500t can be customizedCan be customizedRail
Cable Reel Powered Mold Transfer CartCable reel power1-500t can be customizedCan be customizedRail
Busbar Powered Mold Transfer CartBusbar power1-500t can be customizedCan be customizedRail
Rail Powered Mold Transfer CartLow voltage rail power1-500t can be customizedCan be customizedRail
Battery Operated Mold Trackless Transfer CartBattery power1-500t can be customizedCan be customizedTrackless

The power supply and speed of the mold transfer trolley can be customized according to your needs. For details, you ca read another solution article about The Ultimate Guide To Mold Transfer Carts.

Mold Transfer Cart Advantages

  • Optional Table Size
  • Optional Power Source
  • Optional Running Rails or No Rails
  • Robust Sturdy Frame
  • Optional Control System
  • Handling More Safely
  • More Stable Handling
  • Easy and Low Maintenance

Mold Transfer Cart Main Components

  • Frame – it adopts box beam structure that can be designed with a large load capacity and multiple deck configurations. It is not easy to deform.
  • AC or DC motor – depending on the power source used
  • There-in-one reducer – European standard there-in-one reducer provides stable operation, mechanical transmission efficiency, low noise, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Cast steel wheel – the material is ZG55. It can be installed or replaced easily.
  • Electrical control box – it can be delivered with a variety of safety equipment to make the operation much safer, such as an emergency stop switch, power source switch and alternation switch. The cart controls can be designed with full automation, an attached pendant, or wireless remote control.
  • Safety equipment – different styles of safety equipment are available as optional, such as warning horns, marker lights, bumper, automatic stop devices and anti-collision devices.
Perfect Mold Transfer Cart Main Components

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