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Die Transfer Cart Price

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Die transfer cart, often called die transfer trolley or mold transfer trolley, is specialized industrial transfer cart used in production facilities, especially in the metalworking sector. Its main function is to move large dies or molds within the production area safely and effectively. Die transfer carts are made to carry heavy, bulky items like injection molds or metal stamping dies, which are vital instruments utilized throughout a variety of production processes. These dies can weigh several tons, and moving them calls for specialized machinery. Die transfer carts are frequently used in heavy machinery, automotive, steel, aerospace, manufacturing, metalworking, plastic injection molding, and other sectors where large-scale production activities are carried out. At PERFECT, you can receive a professional customized die transfer cart for your die transport.

Features of Die Transfer Trolley Perfect

Sturdy construction: To ensure longevity and carry huge loads, die transfer trolleys from PREFECT are often constructed from sturdy materials like steel or aluminum. The structure is made to support the weight of the dies and offer stability while moving.

Huge load capacity: PERFECT trolleys are available with a variety of load capacities (1-500t adjustable)to support dies of varied weights and sizes.

Platform: A flat platform on the trolley PERFECT is where the die or mold is placed for carriage. In order to prevent the load from moving during movement, the surface is typically made non-slip.

Casters or wheels: Heavy-duty casters or wheels are added to PERFECT die transfer trolleys to enable smooth movement and maneuverability. The casters are frequently made to swivel, making it simple for the trolley to shift directions.

Brake system: PERFECT die transfer trolley has a brake system to assure safety during loading, unloading, or while in a stopped position. By doing so, the operator can lock the wheels firmly into place and stop any unauthorized movement.

Control options: Die transfer carts PERFECT can be managed by PLC control systems, wired control, or wireless remote control, allowing users to control and change the trolley’s movement with ease.

Optional Features: Die handling equipment PERFECT may have extra features like height-adjustable mechanisms, tilt functions for tilting the load, safety features like locking mechanisms or safety rails, and even remote control systems for automated operation. These features vary depending on the specific application and customer requirements.

Types of Die Transfer Trolley Perfect

At PERFECT, we provide a variety of die transfer trolley kinds, each of which is created cart used for heavy loads and specifications in industrial environments. Here are three typical types:

Battery Power Die Transfer Trolley
An adaptable and effective tool for moving heavy dies or molds in industrial settings is the battery powered die transfer trolley, which rechargeable battery provide power, allowing for smooth and precise movement. Perfect trolley encourages environmental sustainability while providing customization possibilities and safety measures. The flexibility and productivity of material handling operations are improved. At Perfect, we have two type battery powered transfer cart: rail die transfer cart and automated trackless transfer trolley.

Rail die transfer trolley: These trolleys travel precisely and steadily because they are mounted on predetermined tracks or rails. They offer stability and lower the possibility of deviation in industrial processes or assembly lines with predetermined pathways.

Model: BXC
Load Capacity: 1-500t
Table size: Customized
Power supply: Battery
Ground clearance: 50/70mm
Running speed: 0~25m/min
Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm adjustable
Control mode: button / remote control

Automated trackless die transfer trolley: These trolleys have sophisticated automation systems, including sensors and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). They allow for precision placement, automatic loading and unloading, and effective material flow. They can function alone or be incorporated into a larger automated system.

Model: BWP
Power supply: Battery
Load Capacity: 1-500t
Table size: Can be customized
Running speed: 0~25m/min
Turning type: Turning while driving with no stop
Brake principle: Electric magnetic brake
Control type: With wire or no wire
Radar control: 0.3-3m, Automatic stop for obstacles
Battery maintenance: Free of maintenance

Cable power die transfer trolley is a specialized cart used for heavy loads( to move heavy dies or molds) in industrial settings. Electric cable reel technology powers it, ensuring dependable and continuous electricity. The trolley has adjustable features and safety precautions, and it moves smoothly and steadily. It raises the effectiveness, output, and security of material handling operations. The movement of bulky dies or molds is a common practice in many industries, necessitating the use of the cable reel dies transfer trolley. Manufacturing facilities, the automobile industry, foundries, and other production settings where large and heavy tools or components are handled are some industries that frequently use this equipment.

Model: BTL
Power supply: Cable reel
Load Capacity: 1-500t
Table size: Can be customized
Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
Running speed: 0~25m/min
Control mode: button / remote control

Transporting heavy loads in industrial environments is made safe and effective by low voltage rail die transfer trolley. It uses low-voltage rail power and is built for smooth movement and precise positioning. It increases efficiency in production operations by streamlining material handling and lowering the danger of accidents thanks to its sophisticated control features.

Model: BDG
Slope: ≤2.8°
Power supply: Low voltage rail
Power type: Trench automatic lift plate power and ground power
Load Capacity: 1-500T Adjustable
Table size: Can be customized
Wheel base: 1200~7000mm Adjustable
Running speed: 0~25m/min
Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm

Factors to Select Die Handling Equipment

To guarantee the best performance and efficiency, various factors should be taken into account while choosing die handling equipment for industrial applications. The following are some important considerations:

Load capacity: The dies or molds that need to be transported should be weighed and measured. Select machinery whose load capacity can support the largest loads in your facility. If several dies must be moved at once, it is crucial to take both the individual load capacity and the total capacity into account.

Operational environment: Examine the environmental factors that will affect how the device is used. Aspects like temperature, humidity, the existence of dust or debris, and any potential exposure to corrosive substances should all be taken into account. Choose equipment that has the necessary safeguards in place and is built to endure these conditions.

Size: Think about the equipment’s size and maneuverability, especially if there are small aisles or tight corners. Select machinery that can move within the area offered safely and effectively.

Power source: Find out how much power the gadget needs. Low voltage rail power, battery power, and cable power are available options. Choose equipment that is compatible with your operating demands and preferences while taking into account the power sources that are available in your facility.

Control and automation: Determine the degree of automation and control needed for your die handling processes. If you require sophisticated automation capabilities like programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, or integration with larger automated systems, think about whether you require manual control, simple motorized control, or advanced motorized control. Die handling procedures can be made more precise, effective, and safe by automation.

Safety features: Give top priority to equipment with crucial safety features including emergency stop buttons, overload safeguards, and suitable guarding systems. To reduce the chance of accidents or injuries, ensure adherence to pertinent safety standards and laws.

Maintenance and serviceability: Take into account the equipment’s replacement parts availability and ease of maintenance. Make sure that service and support are easily accessible from the manufacturer or provider and choose equipment that is simple to maintain.

Cost considerations: Analyze the equipment’s initial cost, ongoing running costs, and return on investment (ROI). When evaluating the equipment’s total cost-effectiveness, take into account elements like energy efficiency, robustness, and productivity improvements.

You may choose the die handling equipment that best suits your demands, increases productivity, assures safety, and maximizes operational effectiveness at your industrial facility by carefully taking these factors into account.

Perfect Die Carts for Sale

Material handling equipment manufacturer: PERFECT is the production and R&D base of industrial transfer carts. It has a professional R&D department, production department and sales department. For 15 years, we have been working hard and committed to first-class handling technology. In addition to die transfer trolleys, we also have other functional transfer carts , including coil transfer cart, ladle transfer cart, cross-over transfer cart, lift platform with trackless transfer cart, steerable transfer cart, manual transfer cart, rail turntable transfer cart, track inspection vehicle, rail, wheels and accessories, etc. For our all transfer carts, we provide customized services to meet your individual handling needs, like load capacity, table size, explosion-proof occasion waterproof treatment, ultra low table, WIFI wireless communication, anti rollover, climbing, track tuning, lifting function, fixed-point stop, rollover function and so on,

Pre-sale service: We design auxiliary devices or basic drawings for free, and provide technical services and drawing, and we provide our customers with 16 hours of engineering service and 24 hours internet service

After-sales service: We provide a two-year warranty, during the warranty period, for any quality problem, we provide you with maintenance technical support or replace related parts for you free of charge, after the warranty, we support technical update information and more favorable parts replacement

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