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Customized Aluminum Material Handling Hydraulic Trolley Cart Factory

Model: Scissor Hydraulic Lift
Lift Drive: Hydraulic
Capacity load: 1-300t can be customized
Table Size: Can be customized
Control methods: Motor Drive Control System
Core Components: Pressure vessel, Motor, Bearing, Gear, Gearbox, Engine, PLC
Supply Ability: 2000 set/sets per year

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Customized aluminum material handling hydraulic trolley carts can run freely without the need of an external power supply and external power, mainly through the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil to achieve the lifting function, which can make the aerial work area wider and more efficient. The car has four front and rear hydraulic cylinders to help lift the cargo. The hydraulic lifting rail carriage has a strong load-bearing capacity and can carry heavy goods, and there are many power supply methods for customers to choose from. The running speed of the car can reach as fast as 40 meters per minute. Its running speed is safe and reliable.

Application Sites Of hydraulic trolley cart:

Customized aluminum material handling hydraulic trolley cart is mainly applied in the assembly lines (ring production line, loop production line), metallurgy industry(steel lade), warehouse transport,ship industry(maintenance, assemble, container transport),work piece transport in the workshop, lathe transport, steel factory(steel billet, steel plate, steel coil, steel pipe, section steel structure), construction(bridge, simple building, concrete column,)petroleum industry(oil pump, sucker rod, and parts), energy(polycrystalline silicon, generator, windmill), chemical industry(electrolytic cell, retort, etc), railway(rail maintenance, rail welding, train tractor).

Advantages of hydraulic trolley cart
—- Low noise  It causes a low noise level.
—- Maximum safety  Offers a guarantee of maximum safety for operators and for the material handled. We really care about the safety of everyone involved in the job.
—- Easy for operation  These vehicles are easy to drive, so as soon as you get them you will be able to use them to transport your loads. We will support you to make the best out of your heavy-load transporter.
—- Easy to implement into manufacturing process  Operates on standard floors; Do not require complex or permanent installation
—- Suitable for All Kinds of Weight  The steering battery-powered trolley is superb for handling both small and extremely huge loads for its modular fabrication and its high payloads: up to 300 tons for each trolley.

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