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Custom Industrial Steel Structure Cable Drum Powered Transfer Car


Model: BJT
Power supply: Cable drum
Capacity load: 1-500t customized
Table size: Can be customized
Wheelbase: 1200-7000mm
Rail inner gauge: 1200-2000mm
Wheel quality: 4/8
Ground clearance: 50/75mm
Control system: Button control and remote control

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Custom industrial steel structure cable drum powered transfer car is also called transfer car, which is a kind of electric material handling equipment. This kind of electric transfer car on the track is driven by a cable reel (also called a cable reel) to drive the wheels, so that the car starts, stops, forwards and reverses, accelerates and decelerates, etc. The electric transfer car can be used for “s” and curved railways. At Perfect, you can also find another cable reel power transfer cart.

Custom industrial steel structure cable drum powered transfer car is made of high-quality steel. Most importantly, the frame design of our transfer vehicle is designed to increase box beams, thereby making the vehicle load less and less. Compared with other series of carts, the use time is unlimited; it does not have strict requirements for railway construction. The load capacity is not limited and can be used frequently. If the wiring distance exceeds 50 meters, you need to install a router to assist the cable.

Custom Industrial Steel Structure Cable Drum Powered Transfer Car Advantages

1. The series car has safety and mobility
2. Low noise.
3. Economize labor force, economize cost.
4. Simple structure.
5. Suitable for occasions where high using frequency.
6. Environment-friendly.
7. Convenient operation.
8. Easy maintenance.
9. The low requirement to the track.

10. Any dead weight.


Cable drum powered transfer carts mainly use in heavy industry, light industry, machinery, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, chemical, ship, etc. It is used to handle steel coil, aluminum coil, galvanized coil, transformer, cable reel, casting, motor, container, compartment, container, pressure vessel, etc.

10T Cable Drum Power Transfer Cart For Steel Mill
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