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Coil Transfer Cart Turkey

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Coil transfer cart is essential equipment in the material handling operations in Turkey, Choosing the right coil transfer cart is critical to ensuring the safe and efficient transport of coils. This essay will give you important tips and important things to take into account when selecting a coil transfer cart that meets your unique needs. This guide will assist you in reaching the best operating efficiency, whether you run a small coil factory or a huge industrial complex. At Perfect, we provide custom service, for example, coil transfer cart can be customized load capacity, table size, rail inner gauge, so if you have any individual requirements, you can contact us for your own coil transfer cart.

Different Types of Coil Transfer Cart

Coil transfer cart on rail
By combining the advantages of battery power and rail systems, battery powered coil rail transfer cart provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for material handling in a variety of industrial environments. The cart provides seamless transportation of coils and pipes within industrial facilities. Investing in a battery coil rail transfer cart is a worthwhile option.

Model: BXC
Power supply: Battery
Capacity load: 1-500t customized
Table size: Can be customized
Ground clearance: 50mm/70mm
Rail Inner gauge: 1200-2000mm customized
Wheelbase: 1200-7000mm adjustable
Working time: 6-8h (Continuous)
Running Speed: 0~25m/min
Radar scanning: Customized
Control mode: Button / Remote control

Battery power trackless coil transfer cart
Trackless coil transfer cart driven by battery offer a flexible, effective, and environmentally responsible option for material handling in numerous industrial environments. The cart maximizes operating productivity, expedites coil transportation, and guarantees a secure working environment thanks to its effective battery power, trackless design, higher load capacity, accurate control, flexibility, safety features, and diversity in material handling. Trackless coil transfer carts with battery are a wise investment.

Model: BWP
Power supply: Battery
Battery maintenance: Free of maintenance
Capacity load: 1-500t option
Table size: Customized
Wheel: Polyurethane solid wheel
Ground clearance: 50mm
Running Speed: 0~25m/min
Charger function: Automatic charging
Turning type: Turning while driving with no stop
Radar control :3-0.3m. automatic stop for obstacles
Operation method: Wire or wireless
Warning equipment: Sound and light
Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC

Cable reel coil transfer cart
A variety of features on cable reel coil transfer carts simplify cable handling procedures across a number of industries. These carts increase effectiveness and production due to their durable structure, adjustable reel supports, flexibility, safety features, adaptability, and space optimization. By purchasing cable reel coil transfer carts, one can guarantee easy and convenient carriage of cable reels, which enhances workflow and decreases downtime in cable-related processes.

Model: BTL
Power supply: Cable reel
Load Capacity: 1-500t adjustable
Table size: Customized
Ground clearance: 50mm/75mm
Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
Running speed: 0~25m/min
Running distance: ≤50m
Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC

Low voltage rail power coil transfer cart
For transporting coils and large loads, low voltage rail power coil transfer carts offer an effective and dependable alternative for material transport. The cart maximizes operational efficiency, streamlines the transportation of coils, and ensures a safe working environment thanks to its low voltage power supply, integration with rail systems, efficient motor and drive systems, increased load capacity, safety features, versatility in material handling, and customization options.

Model: BDG
Power supply: Low voltage rail
Rail type: 3 rail (1-500 t adjustable) /2 rail(Load capacity ≤50t)
Transformer quantity: 1
Load Capacity: 1-500t customized
Table size: Customized
Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
Wheelbase: 1200~7000mm
Running speed: 0~25m/min
Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC option

Feature of Coil Transfer Cart

Sturdy Construction: Steel and other hardy materials are used in the construction of coil transfer carts to ensure their durability and capacity to handle big loads.

Load capacity: You can choose the coil transfer cart that best suits your needs from a range of load capacities (1-500t option).

Customizable: Our coil transfer carts come in a variety of configurations to meet different requirements. This includes V-shape frame, U-shape frame, and roller on a coil transfer cart to protect the coil and keep it stable.

Smooth flexibility: For our coil trackless transfer carts, it can make easy to smoothly move around curves, narrow spaces, and aisles.

Power supply: At Perfect, our coil carts can be powered through various supplies, such as battery power, cable reel power, busbar power and low-voltage rail power four types.

Precise control: At Perfect, our coil carts provide precise control mechanisms. This includes attributes like flexible speed adjustable, controls for moving forward and backward, and responsive steering systems.

Safety features: Our coil transfer carts come with necessary safety features including automated braking systems, emergency stop buttons, and safety alarms. These features guarantee that the cart will stop right away in the event of an emergency or potential danger.

Advantages Of Coil Transfer Trolleys

Coil transfer trolleys, also known as coil transfer carts or coil cars, offer several advantages in specific scenarios where the transportation and handling of heavy coils are required. Here are some advantages of using coil transfer trolleys:

Efficient and safe transportation: Our coil transfer trolleys offer strong frames, adjustable roller supports, hydraulic lifting, and safety features like brakes and locking systems, which ensure efficient and safe transportation.

Increased productivity: Our coil transfer trolleys can transport numerous coils at once, boosting productivity by moving more stuff in a single trip.

Versatility in coil handling: Our coil transfer trolleys can handle coils of various sizes, weights, and materials. They are excellent for a variety of industries, including steel mills, metal processing facilities, paper mills, and logistics warehouses because they can move several types of coils, including steel coil, aluminum coil, and paper rolls.

Protecting coil integrity: Coil transfer trolleys protect coils while in transit, reducing damage and expensive losses. On the coil supports, they have cushioned or rubberized surfaces that avoid scratching or denting and guarantee optimal condition with fewer flaws or quality problems.

Cost savings: Businesses can cut costs in a variety of ways by using coil transfer trolleys. The labor costs related to coil handling and transportation are decreased as a result of increased productivity and efficiency.

It’s crucial to remember that while coil transfer trolleys have many benefits, their usefulness for particular situations can vary depending on things like coil size, weight, and facility layout.

Case video of Coil Transfer Cart

Coil Transfer Cart Application

Coil transfer cart is essential for various types of factories in Turkey dealing with coil production or coil-related industries. For example:

Steel mills: Coil transfer cart is commonly used in Turkish steel factories to move bulky steel coils around the facility. Coil cars provide the efficient and secure transportation of coils, lowering the possibility of damage and raising overall output.

Metal processing plants: Turkish metal processing facilities frequently work with coils of various metals, including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. By facilitating the smooth movement of these coils between various production stages, coil transfer cart improves workflow and reduces manual handling.

Automotive manufacturing facilities: Coil transfer cart is used in Turkish auto factories to move steel or sheet metal coils to the assembly line. Coil car make it possible to transfer coils quickly and precisely, assuring a steady supply of supplies for the construction of automobiles.

Electrical equipment production units: Coil transfer cart is used to transport substantial coils of copper or aluminum wire in factories that manufacture electrical equipment, such as transformers or motors. By making it easier to carry coils from the storage area to the factory floor, these carts enable effective winding and assembly procedures.

How to Choose Coil Transfer Trolley

When choosing a coil transfer trolley, consider the following factors to ensure the right selection for your needs:

Coil size and weight: You need to establish the largest and heaviest coils you will be transporting. Pick a coil car that can hold your heaviest and largest coils and has a capacity that works for you.

Coil material and surface: You can consider the coils’ composition and surface properties. Choose a trolley with cushioned or rubberized supports if the coils are delicate and prone to denting or scratching to preserve their integrity while being transported.

Space constraints: You need to examine the arrangement of your building and the space available for navigating the tram. To enable smooth travel in confined areas or narrow aisles, seek a trolley with small overall dimensions and good maneuverability.

Safety features: You can prioritize safety measures like braking and locking mechanisms for trolleys. The possibility of accidents or damage is reduced thanks to these elements, which assist secure the coils during transit.

Customization options: The customized configuration that may accept various coil sizes and shapes may be offered by the trolley. This adaptability enables variety in handling diverse coil kinds.

Choosing A Reliable Coil Cart Factory

Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. has 18 years of research and production and marketing experience. About 2,000 sets of transfer carts are exported every year, and our main markets include Turkey, Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Russia, Europe, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, America, Australia, Canada and South America 60 countries. Except for coils transfer carts, we also have die transfer cart, mold transfer cart, ladle transfer cart and abrasive blasting booth transfer cart, etc. If you are finding one, you can call us and get details.

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