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Busbar Power Transfer Car for Metal Molybdenum

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  • Transfer Car Manufacturer: Perfect
  • Load capacity: 30 Ton
  • Dimensions: 3300x3300x800 mm
  • Power supply: Busbar
  • Transfer car design: Rail transfer car
  • Control system: PLC system
  • Application: Ore smelting, pouring, and transfer processes

Busbar Power Rail Transfer Car 30 Ton
Busbar Power Rail Transfer Car 30 Ton

Project cases

A leading domestic manufacturer of rare metal molybdenum, engaged in the buying, refining, and selling of molybdenum ore.


Our client’s production process involves the smelting, casting, and transportation of molybdenum ore, requiring a reliable and efficient solution for material handling, especially in curved rail tracks.

Material Handling Solution

Our company is a renowned manufacturer of custom transfer cars, providing him with a busbar power rail transfer car to address his unique needs. This transfer car is designed to operate on curved tracks with a turning radius of approximately 6.8 meters.

Key Features of Busbar PowerTransfer Car 30 Tons

  • Busbar power supply: Custom transfer car is equipped with a sliding line power supply, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of power for uninterrupted operation. Carepared with battery and cable power, the cost of busbar power is more economical.
  • Curved track capability: Rail transfer cart design allows it to navigate smoothly on tracks with bends, making it an ideal solution for the client’s curved rail system.
  • Wired remote control with PLC automation: Transfer car is operated through a wired remote control system with the added benefit of PLC automation. This combination enables precise and efficient control of the transfer car during various stages of the material handling process.
  • Custom load capacity: With a substantial load capacity of 30 tons, the transfer car effectively accommodates the client’s requirements for transporting molybdenum ore within their facility.
  • Custom platform size: The platform dimensions of 3300x3300x800 mm provide ample space for loading and transporting materials.

Results: As of the latest feedback from our client, busbar power rail transfer car has demonstrated excellent performance in its molybdenum production facility. The combination of its curved track capabilities, reliable power supply, and efficient control system has significantly contributed to the success of its material handling operations.

Our commitment to providing innovative and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the material handling industry. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the client and addressing any future challenges they may encounter in their production processes.

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