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Electric Rail Transfer Cart Customized

Electric rail transfer cart is controlled by AC control system to control the AC metallurgical motor, so that the flat car can start, stop, forward, backward and so on. It is suitable for large load capacity and medium and long distance transportation.

Load Capacity: 1-300 Ton
Running Speed: 20-30m/min
Power Supply: Battery/Busbar/Cable Reel
Material: Steel coils, aluminum coils, galvanized coils, transformers, cable trays, casting parts, heavy loads.

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Electric Rail Transfer Cart Product Introduction

Electric Transfer Cart is controlled by AC mechanical motor through an AC control system to start, stop, move forward, backward, etc. It can be used in S-type track, curved track, and high-temperature occasions, the flat car can be equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, lifting system, with security and mobility flexibility, high requirements for track laying (need insulation treatment track), suitable for large load capacity, medium, and long-distance transport occasions. Widely used in machine building and metallurgical plants, as a workshop with the crane to transport heavy objects across the use.

Perfect Transfer Cart can be customized according to the needs of the users of the rail flat car, our enterprise can customize design solutions and order a variety of models and specifications of rail flat car accessories for the majority of people to upgrade, dismantle or update the rail flat car, reduce the cost of customer investment in the project so that Perfect Transfer Cart becomes a stronger choice for you.

Benefits Of Electric Rail Transfer Carts

  • Fixed Route Operation Is Easy
  • Safety and Flexibility
  • Long Working Life
  • High Frequency Use
  • Suitable For Heavy Loads
  • Easy maintenance
  • Handling More Safely
  • More Stable Handling

Technical Parameters of Battery Rail Transfer Carts

Rated Load(t)22050100150
Wheel Base(mm)12002800420049007000
Rail Inner Gauge(mm)1200143514352002000
Wheel Diameter (mm)270350500600600
Running Speed (m/min)0-250-200-200-200-18
Motor Power(kW)12.251015
Battery Capacity180180330440600
Battery Voltage2448487272
Running Time When Full Load4.3243.33.22.9
Running Distance for One Charge(km)6.54.843.83.2
Recommended Rail ModelP15P24P43QU100QU100
Parameters of Electric Rail Transfer Carts

Electric Rail Transfer Cart Product Function

1. Load transport: Electric Rail Transfer Carts are designed for transport, so the primary function is transportation.

2. Lifting: Electric Rail Transfer Carts can be added with hydraulic and mechanical lifting devices according to the customer’s needs.

lifting devices can be added to Electric Rail Transfer Carts according to customers’ needs to achieve lifting function on the basis of the original one.

3Side-turning: Electric Rail Transfer Carts can be added with hydraulic and mechanical devices according to customers’ needs.

side flip device, on the original basis to achieve the side flip function.

4Table rolling: Electric Rail Transfer Carts can add rollers, rollers, and other devices according to the customer’s needs to achieve the side turning function on the original basis.

The electric rail transfer carts can add rollers and other devices according to the customer’s needs to achieve the function of smooth movement of workpieces.

5Other functions: The company can customize and develop the functions required by customers.

Testing of Electric Rail Transfer Cart For The Metal Industry Using

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