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How to Select AGV for Your Manufacturing
2023 11 30
How to Select AGV for Your Manufacturing
1. What is AGV technology? Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology refers to the use of autonomous vehicles equipped with navigation and control systems to transport materials within a facility without human intervention. 2. What are the common applications of Automated Guided Vehicles? AGVs find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, and healthcare, for tasks such as material handling, transportation, and assembly line s...
Explosion Proof Heavy Duty Warehouse AGV Cart
2021 03 26
Explosion Proof Heavy Duty Warehouse AGV Cart

Model: AGV
Capacity load: 5-500 tons
Dimension size: Can be customized
Power supply: Battery
Guide control: Magnetic strip
Running speed: 5-35m/min
Charging: Automatic/Manual
Security: Radar scanning+Emergency button+Edge switch double protection

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