Some Special Characters of the Cable Drum Powered Electric Flat Transfer Cart

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Company Profile:

The Perfte Handling Equipment Co,. Ltd  is  located in Xinxiang, Henan, China that has been dedicated in
manufacturing material handling equipment for 13 years, and nowadays it has became one of the most professional
international manufacturing company in China. 
With a professional, passionate and dedicated team and very considerate service, the company is leading its road to
becoming a famous, professional international company.
 cable drum power electric flat cart

Principle Characters of the cart :

This series transfer trolley is powered by cable reel, which is installed in the trolley. We are using the magnetic coupling cable reel, it can make sure that there is no force on the cable and the cable is collected and released by coiling device mounted underneath the car can be wound and released evenly
The power source 380V-690V alternating-current is supplied to the traction motor by cable, which is controlled by control system to make the car start, stop, move forward, move backward, etc. The operation voltage is 360 V which is safe voltage .
The car can realize full automatic operation by PLC system,
Simple structure and low cost make it possible for workshop transportation. Compared with other series trolleys, this cart has no strict demands on rail erection.
This series cart can be applied in the occasion with big weight loading demands and high using frequency. If the running distance is beyond 50m, the trolley needs to install cable arranger to help with cable rolling. The maxim running distance is up to 20-400 m.
This series transfer trolley is safe and flexible, it has the advantages of low cost, easy
maintenance and convenient for the rails construction. So it is the a suitable choice for
transferring large load cargoes from workshop to workshop.
 Application Sites :
This kind of steel ladle transfer car is mainly applied in heavy duty workshops handling  and especially used for heavy cargoes or die mold transportation .
 Of course our other series battery powered transfer car can be widely used in various occasions :   Metallurgy, Machinery Fabrication, Auto makers, Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial,Mould Maker,Construction Machinery maker, Shipyard, Port Cargo Yard, Steel Transfer, Mining Transfer, Air and Space as well as Military industries ....

cable drum power electric flat cart
Customized :

load capacity, table size, and rail gauge can be customized
opinions:>1>remote radio control(import or made in china) Automatic stop when detecting obstacle or person,
limit switches(to limited travel) 2>Battery type (Free of maintenance Battery, lithium battery, explosion-proof
battery, and anti-high temperature battery)3>motor(DC motor with brush and DC motor brushless4> Electrical parts (imported or made in china)

Our Company:

  our manufacturing plant is located in Yudong developing area in Xinxiang city and it covers 30,000 square meters. 
  the product category covers more than 80 kinds of material handling equipment products, including turning electric transfer car, trackless, ladle, ambrasive blasting, painting booth,hydraulic lifting, mining industry...
 our products meet JB/T6127-10 machinery industry standard, with characters of compact structure, strong loading capacity, safe operation, low noise, and beautiful appearance, easy maintenance...
 our products are not only sold across the country, but has also been exported to US, Germany, Thailand, Netherlands, Turkey,
 nowadays, we have got 8 national patents and passed ISO9001 Quality management system and have developed and exported our own patent products.

 if you have any interest, contact us !  Email :
and we can also offer you the technical drawings on line for free.